Here’s some irrelevant knowledge that you may or may not know about the game. You may not care or even want to know what’s in this section but for those of you that are curious enough to venture here it’s a collection of the little things that I’ve picked up and have learned from other sources and it’s just something extra to add to the blog.

1. Zeitel has two beds in his cabin.

Zeitel's stateroom - C59

Zeitel's stateroom

I noticed this when I was trapped in his cabin with the bomb. It’s not as if single bedroom accomodation wasn’t available as Smethells tells us that there are only 2,200 passengers on board at the beginning of the game. That doesn’t make the Titanic very full at all. We also see that our character ‘Carlson’ has a single berth room firther down the corridor so we definately know that they exist. Willi has a separate room on B deck that unfortunately you can never enter, although the Purser gives out his cabin number as if you can. Whatever the bizarre reason, I can’t seem to get fathom it out. Why Cyberflix, why?

2. Frank Carlson was a real passenger.
Yes, the character you play was based on a real life first class passenger. If you ever get to read the book ‘Titanic’ by Leo Marriott (ISBN: 1-85648-433-5), turn to page 131 to see a list of the deaths of first class passengers (official document from the sinking) and he is listed as ‘Suppossed Drowned’. Yet he didn’t die. Apparently he had car trouble in Cherbourg and missed the ship. There is quite a lot of debate over our Mr Frank Carlson which can be viewed on this forum at the encyclopedia titanica.

3. Sasha’s stateroom painting ends up in your apartment

Sasha's stateroom during the game

Sasha's stateroom during the game

Your apartment at the end

Your apartment at the end

Somehow I thought that the only artefact saved from the sinking ship was the painting by Adolf Hitler that became famous. It’s nothing too serious but it does raise questions to the plot. Maybe this is a cheap copy Carlson put in his room to remind him of the Titanic mission… but I somehow doubt it.

4. Unused characters
For those who have not heard about the ‘Lost Mission’ Titanic demo CD that was release I’m happy to tell you there was one (yet very rare to find now). On that CD contained a mini game involving Andrew Conkling, Penny Pringle and Charles Lambeth. It also contained the trailer and the screensaver.

For a while I had the screensaver until it felt like it was eating up my harddrive everytime it was activated and noticed some pictures appeared on it that were not in the game. A person and a location. Here I show it to you. You didn’t miss much.

Who is this mystery woman and place?

Who is this mystery woman and place?

Here is another character, unused. It looks as if she is wearing a life-vest and was going to be used in the sinking scenes.

Another mystery character

Another mystery character

5. Missing audio
The first time I noticed that Titanic – Adventure Out of Time had it own Wikipedia article I read it with great interest. I noted how that there was to be extra audio that was unused such as that as another confrontation between Zeitel and Carlson on the boat deck and you could somehow leave on the same lifeboat together. There were other instances as well. Stupidly I never saved the article and a few months later parts of the article were cut and pruned, probably either because it wasn’t true or that there was no proof.  (How do they word it?  Citation needed?)

Somewhere in me thinks the latter is true as no-one in their right mind would spend so much time adding the text about a long lost computer game that wasn’t true. The liars on Wikipedia are too focused on fabricating information about celebrities and changing their biographies to deal with that sort of thing.

From my basic knowledge of IT I gathered that the audio is still on the CD but stored on second CD of the game as a Pup file. From my knowledge these are not common files and you need Puppy Linux (an operating system) which looks so complicated that it will blow my brains out… not just mess with my computer system.

6.  Zeitel can still leave the Titanic when all the lifeboats have left.
Most likely a programming error but one that niggles at me all the same.  After 2:00am when all the lifeboats have left and you still have the boat pass for whatever reason, you can still make the deal with Zeitel to trade the painting (which he has in his possession) for the pass.  After securing the deal he scarpers by magic off the ship.

If I want to make this even more complicated I can highlight the factual error that they were still launching lifeboats up until the final plop into the sea because there were two collapsable lifeboats that were stored on the ship.

7.  There was a real jewel-encrusted copy of the Rubaiyat on board the Titanic.
As far as I have worked out the copy of the Rubaiyat that was in the Titanic’s hold had been sold for $2,025/£405 on March 29 (1912) at Sotherby’s auction house in London and was being shipped to New York book dealer Gabriel Wells.  The book remains lost to this day, although there have been several attempts to find it.

The book was bound by Sangorski & Sutcliffe and I managed to track down a copy of what the jewel binding looked like.

Sangorski & Sutcliffe’s jewelled binding of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

Sangorski & Sutcliffe’s jewelled binding of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam


35 Responses to “Trivia”

  1. The two mystery people are CYBERFLIXs test people. And the room is the First Class lounge while CYBERFLIX Was disigning it

  2. If your still interested, I have the wikipedia page saved from when it still had all the lost lines info and such. It’s even sparser now!

  3. Amazing! This page has information that i’ve raved about to my friends for a long time — the missing ‘test’ characters…
    there’s also like… 2 bonus songs on the demo disc that’s in-game.. if i remember correctly, Carlson was put in A deck (instead of the full game’s C deck location), and A deck had it’s own theme apart from the grand staircase theme (I remember it sounded something similar to the smokestack theme)

    Zeitel’s 2 beds glitch could of been when they were developing the game, the might of thought it would be a good idea to have Zeitel and Haderlitz in the same room, but instead they just gave Haderlitz his own room

    there was a theme on the official website that was called ‘Rogation’ that sounded interesting but was never used in the full game, nor demo…
    any ideas where it might of been used if it was?

    AND there was an alternate ‘sinking ship’ theme that I’ve NEVER been able to get to play after i originally heard it.
    it sounds ALOT like the cargo hold theme,
    there’s another sinking ship theme that is a variation of it — but its different … anyone else notice this one o.O

    • I’ll be uploading some more sinking themes soon. I have five different versions altogether. Also I will changing the bomb diffusal theme on the soundtrack (downloads page) to one that has no sound effects in the background as it’s annoying.

      I think Rogation was going to be played in the library if there was one. I can’t be sure but that’s the only thing I can remember from when I originally heard the music and asked about it. I may be wrong of course.

  4. just played this game for the first time and DAMN!! it was awesome, when i knew i was working against the clock (the final hour) i was panicking so much it was unreal lol anyone know of any games similar to this one? please let me know.

    • Similar game with same technology was Dust – A Tale of the Wired West set in a cowboy town. Some character voices and actors you’ll recognise from Titanic when you play it.

  5. So, I have to ask this question…because it’s confusing me.

    I know that the player’s last name is Carlson. Morrow mentions it at 2:00 a.m. when the player is about to enter the lifeboat (“Carlson, you’ve done your best to help…”), Zeitel mentions it in the first-class lounge (“I am warning you, Carlson!”), and the letters in his apartment in 1942 are all addressed to “Carlson, 9 Stanley Crescent”.

    But where does it ever mention his first name as being Frank? In all my years of knowing this game, I don’t believe I’ve ever come across that. Then again, maybe I have, and I’m overlooking it.

    • In your London apartment at the beginning – the postcards are addressed to Frank Carlson. I also think there is some dialogue where Penny calls you Frank (on the boat deck at the end) but it rarely appears.

  6. After Willie is dead in the Turkish Bath snd Iam silent for a while when talking to Smetthalls,he will tell the player “Oh, dear. That won’t do at all. Perhaps you should be more careful.” and “You’ve shut up. How unusual. Shall I summon the doctor?” and “Are we experiencing a rare moment of reflection?”


  7. Damn, that unused girl (the first one) is way hotter than Georgia … they should’ve left her in!

  8. The differences in what beds are in the C deck staterooms would depend on what was included in the original blueprints that the game was based on. After that it was let for the game designers to interpret it. Chances are the original blueprints show the number of beds in each cabin.

    The thing that always surprised me is that Zietel booked passage on a British Shipping Line and not a German one, seeing as he’s such a patriot.

    • Hehe that’s funny about why Zeitel booked passage on the Titanic and not something like the Kaiser Wilhelm II or Amerika. I’m currently writing a story set aboard the Lusitania’s last voyage and had to be creative to weave German characters into the story.

  9. Maybe Zeitel has a secret inflatable boat he launches to get off the ship. Personally I think they the should have left those two women in. The older woman could have been used Claris’ unseen mother.

  10. Just found this today: In the Turkish bath, if you click on the table underneath the mirror to open up the detail photo of it, if you click on the large drawers undrneath, there’s a copy of other Cyberflix games, I assume, in each drawer. Dust is in one, and other games in the other two drawers.

    There’s also an instruction card for the electric bath in one of the smaller drawers.

  11. Here’s an archived version of the old Wikipedia page you mentioned:

  12. Zeitel’s two beds are not werid at all.
    Many first class passengers travelling alone were located in 2 or 3 berth staterooms.
    And if you would have wanted one of the more luxurious staterooms, located on B and C deck (like the rooms of Zeitel and Carlson), then the only possibility would have been a 2 berth room, as there were no ornate single person staterooms.

    So it is actually Carlson’s room that is wrong, as this room should have contained two beds as well.

  13. Wow it’s so great to find a blog dedicated to this game. I love the game. Thanks so much for your hard work in putting all of this stuff together!

  14. Just found this website! Loved the game, but haven’t played for yegars. I’ve been an amature Titanic buff for years…well before the movie came out.

    Here’s one more for you: While you’re going back in time, and there’s the whole fly over the ship and enter your stateroom via porthole…it actually takes you into a cabin on E deck I believe(?) Been awhile, but I think it’s one below the 1st Class Reception or Dining Rooms-with the two tier portholes.

    As for the 2 Beds in the Colonel’s cabin…that’s actually more accurate than your cabin. The number of beds was in proportion to the size of your room. The only rooms I know of (in 1st Class) that would only have one bed were the small interior rooms…without a window. The ones with an ocean view would always have 2 as they were larger rooms…your cabin: C58 should’ve had 2 beds as well. Random fact: anytime you look at a photo of a 1st Class room, with 2 beds, if the beds are side by side…it’s the Olympic, Titanic’s twin, if they’re on different corners of the room or divided by a sofa, it’s Titanic; it’s a small change made to the blueprints after Olympic was outfitted with interior furnishings. My guess was it made the rooms appear larger, but also gave more space for the guests to move about.

  15. how do they account for sashs’s painting appearing in carlsons appartment?

  16. This book is beautiful book. A pity it was lost on the Titanic as it was very rare. Do not buy any copies on e-bay, they are all fake!

  17. I was hoping there was some undocumented way to get into the Library. I would have expected a copy of “Futility” in there, and maybe a page inserted with the solutions to the four smokestack mazes. The cyberflix site is now defunct, by the way. I have the RMS Titanic demo that was basically the exercise in Eric Burns’ room.
    I’d like to be able to copy all the files from both disks onto my hard drive, then install from those copies so I can play the game without using my CD Rom drive. Any ideas how to accomplish that?

  18. Who are those ladies? It would be kinda interesting to have conversations with them. 😉

  19. on the first ladies picture it looked like she was wearing claris limehouse dress

  20. The place where you see the 2 ladies doesn’t seem to be available in the regular version. Maybe it was a dinning room on D-Deck…

    An interesting trivia, though pretty obvious, is that you can access a place on A-Deck only when the ship is sinking… Weird.

  21. Got a random question, in some of the deleted dialogue in the PUPPETS2 files it shows Officer Morrow saying…

    “It’s the Carpathia! She’s here! She’s here! You saved her! Saved the Titanic! Your fast thinking bought us the time we needed.”

    To me, it sounds like they did indeed plan to add some sort of “Save the Titanic” option into the game but cut it out. Has anyone ever questioned the developers about that? I wonder how that was supposed to play out, what was the player supposed to ect. It’s an interesting thought!

  22. You are probably only able to access the Lounge when the ship is sinking because there wasn’t enough storage on the disc in which the game was used. I mean it already needs two discs and its a rather old game.

    I love the game so much – It just gives me this amazing feeling, I love walking around the almost deserted recreation of this ship, as everyone sleeps soundly in their beds as the ship pounds towards its doom. Have you noticed that in Carlson’s cabin near the bed there is a door? Well I believe in some of the rich cabins of the ship could own several staterooms at once, so It would be like having C73,C74 and C75 for the entire voyage. Maybe Carlson owned another stateroom but it just wasn’t included in game due to lack of storage, use, practicality etc. Also, the animation at the beginning of the game in which the camera zooms into the porthole, is incorrect. You are on C Deck, but if you look up a picture of the side of the ship the animation is far too low.

    Overall – this game really creeps me out. It’s the constant music that is basically saying “Your on a ship that will sink soon, something bad IS going to happen, you are in the middle of a huge ocean, you should feel lonely”.

    One thing I personally think that they need to do is make the rooms a bit brighter eg: In the D-Deck Reception they should light it up more because the darkness and harrowing music makes it feel like there could be a ghost in there.

    Also, The most luxurious cabins were actually on B-Deck. A-Deck was luxury but there were cabins on B-Deck with Private Promenade decks. This was where the very rich endured the voyage.

    My final thing – I wonder what the actors of the characters are doing right now?

  23. I like to think that the first woman was Burns’ wife Stephanie, and the second one, Claris’ mother.

  24. Greetings all –

    I’m simply amazed that the game has not been re-made and enhanced. I thought there would have been motivation to re-release it in April of 2012.

    My game runs on my Windows XP but it’s slow. I would like to copy all the files to the hard drive and play the game without using the CD, but it always looks to the CD-ROM drive; I can’t figure out how to play it all from the hard drive.

    Any ideas?

  25. Titanic – Honor and Glory – new video game in development for planned release perhaps this year (depending on funding) or in 2017. for more info.

    This looks impressive, and worthy of the support of true Titanic aficionados or history buffs.

  26. I just hate the fact that they made the Serbs look bad! Serbians were USA and Great Britain ally in WW1 and WW2 BTW if archduke Franz Ferdinand wasnt assassinated by Gavrilo Princip the WW1 would start anyway because the Austro-Hungaria had plans to expand their land ever since 1900s the assassination was just an excuse.

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