Tour Guides

As well as the game, there is also an option to tour the ship. If you choose to tour the ship you will no doubt comes across very few tour guides with the opportunity to download more at Cyberflix’s website. Unfortunately, only an archive of the website exists these days and a limited amount (if any) of the links work. However, you can download the additional tour guides here.

Once downloaded they need to be placed in the folder named ‘TOUR’. Usually this is located here: C:\Program Files\CyberFlix\Titanic\TOUR. It may differ depending on where you personally installed the game.

NOTE: you need the game to use these tour guides. Although they register as a Quicktime Movie file you cannot play them.

Click on which tour guide you wish to download and you’ll be directed to the download link, along with video footage and the script of the tour itself.

Eric Burns - First Class Smoking Lounge

Daisy Cashmore - Grand Staircase

John Smethells - Cabin C-73

Willi Von Haderlitz - Gymnasium

Leyland Trask - Turkish Bath

Stoker - Boiler Room

Shailagh Hacker - Scotland Road

Penny Pringle - Poop Deck

Officer Morrow - Bridge

Officer Morrow - Wireless Room


11 Responses to “Tour Guides”

  1. Hello! I love this game, got it in 1997 not long after it came out. A good idea for this page would be to provide links for the tour guides so that people can download them if they don’t have them and want them. I have the windows & mac (hybrid) version of titanic adventure out of time and all of the tour guides so can provide all of the tour guides to people with the hybrid version of titanic adventure out of time who want them. If the maker of this site could let me know if they’re interested, I’ll send them to you if you are. Also, I don’t know if you’re interested but I have the demo of titanic adventure out of time on a demo disc from 1996 which is how I first found out about the game. It will only run on a mac computer though. I think it would be a good addition to this site. Again, if the maker of the site can let me know if they’re interested and I’ll send it to you if you are. Hope to hear from you soon.


    • Hi Jack, thanks for the offer but the tour guides are already on this site on the next page – you have to click the picture to get them. I also have the ‘Lost Mission’ demo. Thanks for the offer though, much appreciated.

  2. ^ can you put the demo itself up for download? 🙂

  3. Hi!

    First of all; great site to a great game!
    Well, but I have question: Do you have the German Tour Guides too oder do you know where i can get it?


  4. They should have let Zeitel and Vlad be tour guides too lol…

  5. The Tour Guides would never work properly on my Mac. Finally a friend showed me them about a year ago, Penny’s speech was hilarious.

  6. La tour guide de Willie ne marche pas …

  7. i allways had a problem with the tour guides on my old pc, because there was never enough ram memory, and the entire game wouldn’t play at all. i have no problem now on my new laptop, it’s a windows 7 32 bit.

  8. Why is it that every time i download one of these something pops up saying ” please install apple application support”? I found and archive of cyberflix that let me install one perfecly but i can not find it again. Can someone help me?

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