Want to hear or remember what some of the characters sounded like. I’ve tried to collect as many memorable soundbites as possible.

quoteA touch of the mal de mer…untitled

quoteYou came…untitled


quoteBefore I leave you must allow me…untitled


quoteWhaddya know, you again…untitled

*Penny Pringle:

quoteHello, I suppose you know what happened…untitled

quoteTry to intercept Zeitel’s telegrams.untitled
*Willi Von Haderlitz:

quoteI see you’ve found the gymnasium…untitled

*Leyland Sachum Trask:
quoteDon’t think we’ve met…untitled

quoteCan you feel it?…untitled

*Vlad Demonic:

quotePrepare to die…untitled


10 Responses to “Soundbites”

  1. Where did you get Penny Pringle’s statement about the lifeboats from? I don’t remember it…

  2. i loved this game

  3. vkrippen, Penny Pringle’s statement about the lifeboats is in her tour guide and not in the demo.

  4. Can you post some of the soundbites of the seamen and Officer Morrow, please?

    Zeitel: “You’re curiosity, curiosity.”
    Sasha: “For Vlad?! He’s on board?! Please, come in.” [door opens and closes] [Sasha chuckles]
    Sasha: “Sasha Barbicon of Barbicon Galleries.”
    LOL! such a hilarious game Titanic Adventure out of Time is! 🙂

  6. How about the quotes about the bomb under the sofa. Zeitel “The bomb will take care of everything else. Good bye.” *Leaves and locks the door so you cannot get out*

  7. When the game starts, you are in an apartment with a radio playing. Does anyone have the woman who screams out things to the ‘spy’ ? Plus, how do you get beyond this part of the game ?

  8. I’d love to have soundbytes for “Trod on my toe!” and “Anozer match?” LOL

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