Saved Games

Updated: 10/08/2009

Included here are some saved games available to download so that you can start the game at a certain point. I realise that there are many people who spend too much time elsewhere on the ship and end up losing out finding the painting in the cargo hold so here are a few save points that I created. If anybody has anymore please feel free to submit by commenting and I will get back to you.

Saved game files are stored in the folder ‘Titanic’, which is in the ‘Cyberflix’ folder. Right click and select ‘Save Target as’ and store them in this folder then they should appear in the game. If you cannot find the ‘Cyberflix’ folder and followed the default installation settings then the location should be here: C:\Program Files\CyberFlix\Titanic… if not and you saved elsewhere search for the folder using the search function in the ‘Start’ menu.

Saved games:

The following saved games are courtesy of Alan Luckachina:

*All items gained – A collection of games at different stages of the game whereby all the items have been correctly obtained, including the elusive painting.  The Rubaiyat was obtained by means of decoding the wireless message rather than by meeting up with Max on the Boat Deck.

Download 1 consists of 36 games saved whilst playing CD2 before hitting the iceberg. (424 kb)
Download 2 consists of 13 games whilst playing CD1. (232 kb)

*Vlad has the Rubaiyat and no painting was found in the cargo hold – a collection of saved games following this particular line of events.

Download 1 consists of 45 saved games (CD2) during the first half of the gameplay.
Download 2 contains 17 saved games (CD1) and takes you up to the end of gameplay.


9 Responses to “Saved Games”

  1. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  2. I just wanted to say you have an awesome sight!! This is one of my favorite computer games! I don’t know if you’d need them, but if you do, I’d be glad to donate the saves from my latest run through for the saves archives. I have one set where I got all the items early, and another set where I let Vlad take the book, and missed the painting. In both endings Zeital shoots me, but I might change that and make one where I use the pen, just for another variation.

  3. I have had this game for several years but just started playing it. It is great! I am having a problem trying to save my games. It says it will save it in the Titanic folder but then it has two subfolders that say Local and Tour and no matter what I try, it won’t work. Please any suggestions? I read the saved games section of this website and tried all those things and still no luck. Also after playing for eight hours straight yesterday, I was in the middle of trying to go to the bridge and the screen went black, I could hear the sounds, but could not get it to come back. Is this a game issue? I am using Windows XP. Thanks.

    • If you’re having trouble saving why not use many of the saved games on this website? Download them and save them to the Titanic folder. Then you won’t need to save. There are many saved games for every step of the game.

      I can’t help you with the screen going black. It’s never happened to me.

    • To save the your game(if you are experiencing problems saving) you need have Turing (this is a safe website to obtain it from-

      To resolve the save issue,
      1. Open the Titanic installation folder.
      2. Open the LOCAL folder.
      (if there is no local folder in the dust folder, create one)
      3. Create a Turing file(I called mine save)
      4. Now when you select SAVE in the game, you can select the .ti file and overwrite it creating a titanic save file

  4. I was able to solve the problem of the screen going black by washing the discs with soap and water. I played the game twice and loved it even though I did not win and make it off the boat yet.
    I am still having problems saving the games. I went to the site you suggested to save the games but it wanted to download some program, and I am wary of doing this and not very computer savvy, so I am playing the game straight through.
    Thank you for your response. I would love to find more games similar to Titanic. Any suggestions?

  5. Hey guys, I have owned Titanic Adventure Out Of Time for such a long time and I have fond memories playing it as a kid so i searched through my my CDs and found it! So i installed it and started playing it but the graphics are horrible! They look nothing like I remembered and they are much worse than the screenshots online, I’m using a really nice HP computer with a nvidia G-force (I think) graphics card, it makes me use 256 color and it just looks much worse than the screen shots and also when i move around its very choppy and takes a while to render each different area, Please help! Thanks!

  6. This game has been part of my life for years. I got it when It first came out, and I nearly fell apart when I damaged disk one from having to switch disks all the time. (the other fell and got scratched). But I repurchased it on ebay and still replay it. Fond memories.

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