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Read more about some of the characters you’ll meet in the Titanic: Adventure Out of Time game.

Character collage

Claris Limehouse
This young beauty is returning from a Continental trip where she was presented to poor European nobles hoping to raise their fortunes by wedding a rich American’s daughter. Onboard, the Main Line debutante may have captivated fellow passenger Max Seidelman, but it’s the young Austrian Willi Von Haderlitz who has won her heart. You must win her confidence to find the clues that prevent war.

Eric Burns
The 29-year-old American news photographer can’t stop taking pictures even on his honeymoon–much to the chagrin of his bride, Stephanie. Some of his photos taken onboard the Titanic contain clues to the mysteries you encounter. Find his darkroom and see what develops.

Penny Pringle
The prim and proper Penny Pringle is an English rose with a nose for mystery and no patience with greenhorns. As your contact, she’ll steer you in the right direction onboard the Titanic. Her cabin is located in second class on F-Deck.

Max Seidelman
Gregarious Max Seidelman, buyer for Haymaker’s Department Store in Philadelphia, is an affable sort and quick to share a smoke or his advice. An offer of a cigarette or the whereabouts of his hero Isidor Straus, the Macy’s store owner, could be just the thing to keep “the sharpie of Spruce Street” by your side.

Ribeena and Henry Gorse-Jones
Mr. Gorse-Jones served his country in India and continues to keep a keen lookout for threats to Great Britain and King George V. Mrs. Gorse-Jones maintains an equal vigilance against social climbers at their country estate in Haltwhistle and onboard the Titanic. If you run into this couple, listen carefully. What seems like idle chatter could be important. Then again, it might not.

Officer Morrow
Gruff, straight-laced, and by-the-book, Third Officer Morrow is on watch on the night of April 14 in front of the wireless office. He doesn’t drink. He doesn’t smoke. A veteran of the Boer War, he’s worried about his wife and a sick son. Morrow is a talker. Listen. Your advice may help him, and he, in turn, may help you.

HINT: On your mission, be careful what you say to the passengers you meet. Some will help, others won’t.

Beatrix Conkling
Mysterious, imperious, and iconoclastic, you’ll find Beatrix Conkling striking a blow for women in the smoking room. Returning from a winter in Egypt and their London townhouse, Beatrix and her husband are en route to California, where she will help decorate the new Beverly Hills Hotel. Beatrix harbors a dark secret, one you should uncover.

Lady Georgia
You and the aristocratic Lady Georgia enjoyed what was called “a history” together. A noted beauty who was much in demand at country homes and London townhouses, Georgia caught the eye of Lord Lambeth, and the two wed five years ago. The social event of 1907, the wedding caught the public’s imagination, as did the famous Lambeth necklace, a glittering array of diamonds, that Georgia wore. Now, with their money nearly gone, a frightened Georgia is desperate to foil the plans of her dissolute husband, Lord Lambeth. Can you help your old friend? Wander up to the boat deck to find out.

HINT: Navigating around the Titanic can be tricky. If you get lost or have questions, these three crew members can help.

On the Titanic, you’re booked into a first-class stateroom. Be sure to explore every nook and cranny of your cabin. If you need assistance, Smethells is your man. This steward’s been with the White Star Line for 20 years and has never met a passenger he couldn’t help. If you need something, try ringing the bell in your cabin.

The Lift Attendant
If you’re lost or need directions, ask the lift attendant. Always on duty, he can direct you to most places onboard. His lifts, or elevators, are located behind the forward Grand Staircase.

The Purser
Need to know a passenger’s cabin number? Ask the purser. His job is to help the passengers. He also safeguards keys, money, and valuables and keeps a cargo manifest–information that might come in handy if you can get him to part with it.

Here’s a full list of characters you’ll encounter onboard Titanic: Adventure Out of Time.

Fellow Passengers:

  • Beatrix Conkling, wife of Andrew Conkling
  • Andrew Conkling, mega-wealthy steel magnate
  • Lord Lambeth, alcoholic spendthrift aristocrat
  • Lady Georgia, his long-suffering spouse
  • Claris Limehouse, ingenue from Philadelphia
  • Max Seidelman, buyer for Haymaker’s department store
  • Mr. Gorse-Jones, a stuffy Englishman
  • Mrs. Gorse-Jones, his addlepated wife
  • Buick Riviera, French bon vivant
  • Eric and Stephanie Burns, American newlyweds
  • Penny Pringle, your contact
  • Reverend Edgar Troutt, a minister returning from Africa
  • Jack Hacker, an Irish immigrant
  • Shailagh Hacker, his sister
  • Leyland Sachum Trask, professional
  • Vlad Demonic, a Serbian stowaway
  • Colonel E. E. Zeitel, a German diplomat
  • Willi Von Haderlitz, a young Austrian
  • Sasha Barbicon, a corrupt London art dealer
  • Daisy Cashmore, a gossipy American

The Crew

  • First Sailor
  • Second Sailor
  • Third Sailor
  • Purser
  • Third Officer Morrow
  • Lift Attendant
  • Stoker
  • Steward (Smethells)

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Behind the Scenes of the Making of the Titanic Game

In Words and Pixels

The images of a doomed ship in Titanic: Adventure Out of Time were the work of CyberFlix’s artists Ani Chang, Bob Clouse, Billy Davenport, Paul Haskins, Michael Kennedy, and Alex Tschetter. The results of their efforts are the ship’s luxurious interiors and enormous exteriors; they are a key part of the game’s success and give players the eerie feeling of being back in time and onboard the great ocean liner as it races to its tragic end. But their detailed sets can also stand alone as haunting, high-resolution recreations of a lost era. So it was no surprise then, that Tehabi Books, a California publisher, contacted CyberFlix for permission to include such images in the new book Titanic: Legacy of the World’s Greatest Ocean Liner, an illustrated history of the famous ship.

Rand Cabus

“We’re proud to be associated with an undertaking of this quality,” says Rand Cabus, CyberFlix marketing director, who was responsible for ensuring that this interactive adventure partnered with various media organizations. “Tehabi reproduced several of our key images,” he explains. “The Parisian Cafe, a first-class cabin, and even the scrape with the iceberg are taken directly from the game.”

Cabus’s contribution was not just in the title’s promotion. The native Knoxvillian is also in the game playing the role of the fast-talking Parisian Buick Riviera, a gambler who spends the disaster vying for souls in the Titanic’s Smoking Room.

The continental con artist became a favorite with players with his first appearance in Dust, CyberFlix’s earlier title about a Western town. “Riviera is digital Eurotrash,” Cabus says. “One reviewer compared him to a ‘greasy version of Brad Pitt.'” He laughs. “Buick might be mad, but I take it as a compliment.”

High Seas, High Tech

Recreated life-preserver

It was one experience recreating the Titanic for CD-ROM. Quite another to visit the original’s resting site, says Andrew Nelson, the producer and writer of the company’s 1997 hit Titanic: Adventure Out of Time.

“I accompanied the 1996 Discovery Channel expedition off the coast of Newfoundland that August,” he says. “The mission was a high-tech effort, and the TV producers wanted to bring along our computer game to aid in the expedition.” Transferring electronic equipment in the open seas was challenging. “To protect my hard drive and monitor from the salty air and water, I put them in body bags from a morgue,” he says. “Very useful things, body bags.”

With space at a premium in the titanium-hulled Nautile, the deep-diving submarine that explored the wreck site, Nelson never took the two-mile trip to the bottom. Instead, he guided the international team of divers, scientists, and historians on digital tours of the reconstructed ship. After dinner many from the team would gather to play the adventure game. “They were impressed,” he said. “The divers especially. They thought the game was cool.”

What was the most memorable moment? “When the sub brought up a suitcase,” he says. “It was black leather, perfectly preserved after 85 years.” Upon opening it, the scientists discovered neatly folded shirts–as if they had been packed only yesterday. “It suddenly became quiet,” he recalled. “It was then the human dimension of the disaster hit us all over again.”

Nelson believes that interactivity has a great future in helping us recall the past. “I think Titanic proves it’s possible to use a computer hard drive for purposes other than battling spreadsheets or space slime. There are hundreds of fascinating locations to recreate and explore. I hope I get to do every one.”

Titanic Docks in Memphis

Titanic: The Exhibition

As CyberFlix began work on Titanic, the team of artists and programmers didn’t realize their work would become more than a computer game, but also part and parcel of the ship’s history.

“We were committed to recreating the Titanic as accurately as we could,” says producer and writer Andrew Nelson. “The experience of being onboard the Titanic was absolutely crucial to game play. We even include a tour function to let people explore and learn about the ship without having to actually play the game.”

It was that accuracy that caught the eye of Jon Thompson, executive director of Wonders: The Memphis International Cultural Series, the creators of Titanic: The Exhibition.

Titanic: The Exhibition features more than 300 artifacts recovered from the wreck site of the Titanic. The largest exhibition of Titanic artifacts ever presented opened in the Memphis Pyramid April 3, 1997. By the end of August more than 400,000 visitors from around the world had toured the exhibit.

“We consider ourselves lucky to have found the CyberFlix game with its wonderful Titanic graphics,” says Thompson. “These incredibly accurate images allow our visitors the opportunity to see the ship the way her passengers did.”

Selected environments from the CyberFlix title are projected in the Verandah Cafe gallery, a recreation of one of the first-class a la carte restaurants onboard the ship.

Titanic: The Exhibition ran in Memphis through September 30, 1997. For tickets or more information call 800.263.6744. After closing in Memphis, the exhibition moved to the Florida International Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida, from November 15, 1997, through May 15, 1998. The exhibit is presented by the Wonders series in cooperation with RMS Titanic Inc.

Through the Past Darkly

Erik Holt

Titanic’s dark and melodic score springs from the mind of Erik Holt, CyberFlix’s 24-year-old composer who has a degree in mathematics, a musical background in electronic composition, and an affinity for modern film composers Danny Elfman and John Williams.

Most of the title’s music are original Holt compositions, but he is quick to cite historical inspiration including Igor Stravinsky and electric guitar icon Joe Satriani. Holt also studied the music of composers popular in 1912–Chopin, Verdi, Rossini, Mahler, and others–to better evoke both the splendor and the sadness surrounding the Titanic’s disaster.

Some of Titanic’s music sprang directly from history, including a broadcast during the game’s 1942-era prologue. “Prelude in A” by Chopin was popular in World War II, as Holt, who consulted the BBC’s radio play list for that day, discovered.

“One of my favorite selections in Titanic borrows heavily from Chopin’s ‘Piano Nocturne No. 1’,” he says. “It’s a gentle, quiet, moody piece, and to me it embodies something of the spirit of the time: a lazy sort of prosperity when people felt nothing could be upset–especially the social order.”

Not all the music had its roots in 1912. “We began the production wanting to be as historically accurate as possible–using actual songs the orchestra played onboard,” says Holt, “But eventually we decided we wanted a more fully developed score. I worked solidly for three months developing the core themes. The result blends elements from turn-of-the-century period music with more-sweeping cinematic motifs.”

Sweeping or majestic, melancholic or suspenseful, Holt’s music is always enjoyable. “We wanted to give you something you could go away humming,” he says.

The Hunt for History

Bill Broyles

The Titanic: Adventure Out of Time CD-ROM game features a tremendous amount of period detail as well as plot developments tied to actual historic events. CyberFlix spent two years of exhaustive research to ensure that the cloak-and-dagger doings of its game take place against a backdrop of authenticity.

Historical and photo researcher Bill Broyles had an uncanny knack for unearthing obscure and fascinating resources. Time-yellowed documents, period photographs, monographs, and digital images were either Fedex’d to or downloaded by Broyles from websites, museums, and other sources from all over the world.

Broyles even found a retired teacher who had a collection of more than 50,000 vintage postcards. Some of her work can be seen in the game when players are asked to develop pictures of fellow passengers.

“There are resources everywhere,” says Broyles. “I never know what I’ll find.”

The Internet proved particularly helpful, Broyles adds. For general factual information on the Titanic, two of his favorite websites include:

Still, Broyles advises, the best resource for historical data-gathering is to, “Crack open a book.”

3D Artist Furthers the Efforts His Grandfather Began

Old Titanic construction photo

When Paul Haskins began working as a 3D artist, he had no idea that his career choice would link him to a trade his grandfather took part in years earlier. As part of the creative team working on Titanic: Adventure Out of Time, the interactive entertainment title from CyberFlix and Hammerhead Entertainment, Haskins has spent almost two years digitally rebuilding the gargantuan ship on a computer. The detailed and historically accurate 3D recreation of the ship serves as the setting for a tale of mystery and intrigue taking audiences back to the night of one of history’s most famous disasters. As it turns out, Haskins, of Irish descent, is the grandson of a shipyard worker–Leslie Haskins–who was employed by Harland & Wolff, the Belfast shipyard that built and launched the fabulous luxury liner.

Though the elder Haskins worked at the yard in the 1930s, after the real Titanic had already been constructed, Haskins feels a link between his own “shipbuilding” and his grandfather’s.

“One of the main things that struck me about working on Titanic was the immense scale,” says Haskins. “The ship was as long as three football fields and had nine decks. Recreating that digitally in 3D, we were working with data files of immense proportions and huge amounts of complexity. Naturally, it hit a chord with me–I’m working with mathematical calculations to recreate the kinds of things my grandfather helped craft out of iron and steel.”

Digital skeleton

A team of 3D artists that also included art director Michael Kennedy and 3D artist-designer Alex Tschetter, began with a scale “digital skeleton” fashioned on high-end SGI computer workstations from the plans and blueprints of the actual ship. This framework was then outfitted with the details of the vessel’s fantastically ornate interiors–down to the domed skylight and relief woodcarving in the Grand Staircase and the tiled Turkish Bath decorated in 17th-century Arabian style. Building Titanic’s 56 individual sets, rendering the ship’s vast architecture and detailed appointments, and illuminating its interiors were tremendously complex undertakings that blended seamlessly in the finished product.

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Official Logo

A Race To Alter History On A Ship Out Of Time…

Intrigue and adventure await you onboard the Titanic, the most famous ocean liner in history. As a British secret agent on a vital mission, it’s up to you to change the course of history as you explore the world’s most luxurious ocean vessel in all of its original splendor and beauty.

The Money Shot

Navigate the amazingly detailed 3D digital reconstruction of this doomed ocean liner and rub elbows with high society from the turn of the century, all while gathering clues and solving challenging puzzles. Then, on the night of April 14, 1912, plunge into a race against time that will determine not only your own survival, but the destiny of nations…

Product Features

  • Compelling adventure set onboard the world’s most famous ship
  • Historically accurate digital reconstruction of the R.M.S. Titanic with stunning, photorealistic graphics
  • Easy to navigate, fully explorable 3D environments
  • Original soundtrack and ambient effects in 3D stereo
  • Over 25 interactive characters who remember your actions and act accordingly
  • Special guided tour option allows you to explore the Titanic and learn more about its history without playing the game
  • ESRB rating: kids to adults

Minimum System Requirements


  • IBM PC or compatible
  • Windows 3.1, Windows 95, or Windows NT 3.51
  • Pentium 100 MHz processor
  • 16 MB RAM
  • Super VGA video card and color monitor
  • 100% Windows-compatible sound card
  • Double-speed (2X) CD-ROM drive


  • Macintosh computer
  • MacOS 7.1 or later
  • 68040 processor
  • 16 MB RAM
  • RGB color monitor with 256 colors
  • Double-speed (2X) CD-ROM drive

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In April 1997, a historic exhibit opened at The Pyramid Arena on the banks of the Mississippi River in Memphis, Tennessee (USA). The Wonders Series Titanic Exhibition was the world’s first opportunity to see hundreds of Titanic artifacts that had lain submerged under two miles of ocean for nearly a century. Ordinary items–a leather suitcase with its contents of a man’s clothing still neatly folded and packed inside; a bottle of champagne still corked; a shirt once belonging to a ship’s steward with his name stitched inside the collar–were both chilling and heart-rending when seen in close proximity and in the context of the dramatic presentation.

Photographs of the exhibition

The entire exhibition was provocatively designed and tastefully executed with the input from Titanic historians. Because CyberFlix had the most detailed animations of the ship ever created, the exhibit’s designers approached the company several months before the opening about using some of its images. Custom high-resolution sequences were rendered to complement the objects on display. The cinematic images were shown on television monitors in a highlighted area inside the exhibition hall.

More photos...

More than half a million visitors saw the images during the six months that the exhibition was open. The artifacts, along with CyberFlix’s digital images, are now being displayed in St. Petersburg, Florida. The exhibition will eventually move on to the West Coast and Europe.

High Seas Expedition

In August 1996 while Titanic was still in production, an international research expedition was coordinated and launched under the leadership of ocean researcher George Tulloch and RMS Titanic Inc. The expedition assembled a multinational team of historians, curators, oceanographers, and documentary filmmakers whose aim was to recover objects–including a segment of the ship’s hull–from the ship’s final resting place on the ocean floor 400 miles off the coast of Newfoundland. An underlying goal was to learn new information about the specific causes of the disaster.

The Discovery Channel, which was filming the expedition for a documentary series, heard of CyberFlix’s digital recreation and approached the company about using some of its images to help build their “Titanic: Raising The Legend” website. CyberFlix agreed and later was invited by Discovery Channel to participate in the nautical expedition.

The Nautile, which was used in the Titanic expedition

Titanic writer/producer Andrew Nelson joined the crew on the scientific vessel Nadir and conducted “virtual tours” of the digitally rebuilt ship for researchers who were exploring its remains via remote cameras two miles below the ocean surface.

Though the expedition failed to raise a large segment of the ship’s hull, numerous artifacts–including personal belongings of some of the ship’s passengers–were rescued and preserved. When Discovery Channel aired its documentary films several months later, computer-generated animation segments depicting the ship were actually excerpts taken from CyberFlix’s CD-ROM title.

Coffee Table Books/Titanic Images in Print

The Titanic: Adventure Out of Time CD-ROM game features some of the most stunning amd accurate 3D computer renderings of the Titanic available anywhere. A number of images from the game were even selected to be featured in Titanic-related books. You can read more about these books below.

Four recommended books

In 1998, Scholastic Books and Madison Press published “882 1/2 Amazing Answers to Your Questions About Titanic”, an entertaining question-and-answer book containing some of the most sought after information and intriguing facts about the Titanic. What was on the menu of the first lunch on Titanic? How many life jackets did the ship carry? Did any men jump into the last lifeboat? The answers to these and 879 (and a half) other questions are contained in this fascinating new book that serves both as a useful reference tool and a moment-by-moment account of the complete Titanic story. The book references CyberFlix’s Titanic CD-ROM game in its list of recommended Titanic resources. Observant game enthusiasts will also recognize the porthole graphic used prominently in the book for its remarkable similarity to the key image seen on the front of the game’s retail software box.

A second book entitled “The Titanic: The Extraordinary Story of the ‘Unsinkable’ Ship” published by Readers Digest Books also features images from CyberFlix’s CD-ROM game. These images can be seen in a chapter in the book focusing on recent Titanic-related projects, among them the James Cameron film, the Tulloch expedition, the Broadway play, and the television miniseries.

Open the newly published and lavishly illustrated coffee table book “Titanic: Legacy of the World’s Greatest Ocean Liner”, and one of the first images you’ll see is a two-page spread with a detailed view of the bottom of the ship passing within yards of a submerged icy crag. This jarring 3D image is a CyberFlix computer rendering from one of the game’s key movie sequences. The new publication from Tehabi Books has been called “the most complete and definitive book [on Titanic] ever published” and is co-produced by Time Life Books and The Discovery Channel. It is also the only publication produced in cooperation with RMS Titanic, Inc. and the only book with the permission to include color photographs of the recently recovered artifacts. Alongside highly informative text, period photographs, and close-up photos of rescued objects, CyberFlix’s digital images show the ship as it once was in crystalline detail.

In classic Dorling Kindersley style, “Titanic” (published by DK Publishing) is a superb volume that re-creates the building and voyage of the Titanic in all its glory and tragedy. Full-color photographs and highly informative text bring the great ship alive and the gorgeous art and historical photographs make this retelling a vivid and moving experience. Images from the Titanic: Adventure Out of Time CD-ROM game include the Parisian Cafe, the Grand Staircase, and more.

TV Broadcasts Featuring Titanic

Long before it was ever released, CyberFlix’s digital Titanic was attracting the attention of documentary film makers with its sweeping, cinematic images, and its adherence to historical detail. After Titanic producer Andrew Nelson participated in the 1996 research expedition led by George Tulloch, images from the game were used in Discovery Channel’s “Titanic: Anatomy of A Disaster” — a TV special which documented the recovery of artifacts from the ocean floor. Since its original release in 1996, not only has Titanic become one of the most successful computer entertainment titles in history (selling over 1 million copies to date), but it has also continued to gain notoriety outside the realm of the computer game industry. When researchers undertook a second research expedition at the wreck site, Discovery Channel’s film crews were there again, this time presenting live images gathered by remote cameras hovering just above the ocean floor. Once again, images from CyberFlix’s CD-ROM title were used to augment the footage.

In addition, The Arts and Entertainment Network (A&E) included a segment on CyberFlix’s Titanic in its thought-provoking documentary “Beyond Titanic”, a two-hour special detailing the impact of the Titanic disaster in 20th century popular culture. Finally, CBS News Productions also featured images from the Titanic CD-ROM game in two TV broadcasts, “Superliners” and “Disasters at Sea” on The History Channel.

3 of the 4 broadcasts

A&E Beyond Titanic

On September 6, 1998 A&E, The Arts and Entertainment Network, aired the provocative television program “Beyond Titanic” which examined the Titanic myth as it has evolved through numerous incarnations over the course of the 20th century. The film is a comprehensive survey of the varied treatments of the Titanic story — in print, film, song, stage, and television — and it examines the unprecedented manner in which the story has become so strongly ingrained in the public psyche. The documentary spans from the era of silent films through the modern-day rediscovery of the ship, the multimillion-dollar James Cameron film, and the dawn of the virtual age in which “advances in technology help bring the ship alive for a new generation of voyagers.” Titanic producer Andrew Nelson is interviewed about the unique capabilities of computer-based technology in recreating a first-person perspective as users are able to “experience” firsthand what it was like to be on board the ship. This brief A&E segment offers one of the more incisive and accurate commentaries on the inspiration and intent that went into the making of CyberFlix’s Titanic.

Discovery Channel Titanic Live

Discovery Channel’s “Titanic Live”, which aired August 16, 1998, took viewers 12,000 feet below the ocean surface and deeper inside the remains of the Titanic than researchers’ robotic cameras had ever gone before. The program was the first live television broadcast from the site of the disaster and gave viewers access to the remarkable images as they were seen for the first time. CyberFlix’s detailed and realistic animations of the original ship were interspersed with the live images from the ocean floor, giving visual perspective as well as a realistic virtual representation of the ship as it once was. CyberFlix’s involvement in these documentaries, as well as its participation in the 1996 expedition, marked the first time that an interactive game company had been involved in a scientific venture of this type.

On the Friday before Discovery Channel’s “Titanic Live” aired, one of Knoxville’s (Tennessee USA) local news programs filmed a segment at CyberFlix’s development studios detailing CyberFlix’s involvement with the Discovery Channel project. The segment featured an interview with Michael Kennedy, one of the 3D artists responsible for creating the intricate 3D environments seen in the title as well as the Discovery Channel TV program.

CBS News Productions

Images from CyberFlix’s Titanic CD-ROM game were also featured in two CBS News Productions. The first was “Superliners” which originally aired in 1999 and the most recent is “Disasters at Sea” for “20th Century with Mike Wallace” on The History Channel.

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Official Logo

Here’s where you can find technical and customer support information for the Titanic: Adventure Out of Time CD-ROM game. Most of your support questions can probably be answered here. You can find an extensive range of product support information covering everything from installation to game play tips and hints and more. If you can’t find the answer to your questions here, you can also contact our customer support department at:

Hammerhead Entertainment
Customer Support
545 2nd Street, Suite 3
Encinitas, CA 92024
EMail: support@barracuda-gssm.com
Telephone: (760) 436-1977
Fax: (707) 897-0079

Top Ten Game Play Questions

Listed below are the top 10 game play questions for the Titanic CD-ROM game. If you’re currently playing the game and are stuck, there’s a good chance you’ll find the answer to your question(s) below.

1.  Game Start (Apartment)


Use the arrow keys on your keyboard as your feet and the mouse as your hands. Press the right arrow a few times to turn around. Then use the up arrow to move forward. Click on objects to get a closer look at them or to use them. You need to examine objects in the room by clicking on them. Once you have looked at enough objects, the game will progress to the opening movie and the next scene. Make sure to look at EVERYTHING on and in the desk, and read the MEMORY BOOK which is located over the fireplace.

The actual game begins after the opening movie is played and you are on the ship. You should save your game at this point. You will then no longer need to click on (inspect) all of the items again in the apartment.

Saving Games

At the beginning of the game in the apartment click on the life preserver to open the saved game you created while you were on the ship to bypass the apartment beginning.

When you are in the saved game box, you will see that the game to be saved is by default selected as “*.ti”. This is confusing to many people who don’t realize that the “*” MUST BE REPLACED BY TEXT. For example, saved games are named “game1.ti” or “mycabin.ti” or “john.ti” or any file name you desire. If this change is not made, the game will not be saved and you will be unable to retrieve games you may have thought you saved, but did not.

This is the standard method for saving files for all applications in Windows95. Since Titanic is a Windows-based application, we must adhere to these rules in order to make certain Titanic will run correctly on all Windows-based machines.

Moving Through Doors

The color of the triangle above the life preserver indicates whether or not you can move forward in a particular situation. Red means you cannot go forward, green means you can, yellow means you have to open a door first.

Please note, you cannot leave the apartment through the front door even though you might be encouraged to do so. You will see a green arrow suggesting you can leave only to get the verbal barrage of your landlord looking for your overdue rent.

All other points in the game should allow you to move forward through doors with the green light on.

First Class Lounge

2. Entering closed rooms.
Many players are confused about the locked rooms on the ship. Many of the ship’s rooms are locked. In real life you would not be allowed to enter every room or unlock every door on the Titanic and you cannot do so in the game either.

Some vital characters have their doors locked to you at various points in the game. If you think you need to enter a particular room and cannot enter, solve more of your mission and then return to the room later to try again.

First Class Cabin

Some of the game is puzzle dependent, meaning one part of the game may not be accessible until another puzzle has been solved, thus unlocking the next portion of the game.

3.  How to obtain the Rubaiyat.


Here’s how to operate the decoder machine that is located in your steamer trunk.

First, click on the two colored wires at the top to connect them to the dry cell battery.

Next, click the switch on the bottom to turn the machine on. A light will come on, the number roll at the top will rotate, resetting to all zeros, and the printer roll turns. Now you are ready to proceed.

At the top of the machine are four number wheels that should now all show zero in the window.

Click on each wheel to set it to the desired number (e.g., 8754). BE SURE TO PUT THE NUMBERS IN AT THE BOTTOM OF THE MACHINE IN THE METAL WINDOW or below the line!

Enter the coded message using either the mouse to click on the letters on the machine or use the keyboard.

Finally, when the message has been entered, click the button marked decode. The machine will whir and clatter, and if you have not entered the message correctly, will give an error uncertain moment message and you will have to start all over again.

Go to the Wireless Room to obtain the message that needs to be decoded.


To see Zeitel’s message in the Turkish bath mirror, you must first turn on the faucet. This in turn causes the mirror to steam up thus revelaing the message left by Zeitel.


  1. Set power to sender amp to “on.” The switch may be a little hard to see. Click on the left side of the box near the word “off” and drag until you see the lever move to “on.”
  2. Check the system breaker switch to make sure it is set to “transmit.” Click and drag on the switch to set it to “transmit.”
  3. Set the tuner to the correct frequency by clicking and moving the mouse to turn the dial. The proper frequency is 200 KHz.
  4. A red indicator light will blink when the correct frequency is reached.
  5. On the desk on the left is a black box with knobs and dials on it. Click on the leftmost knob to rotate it clockwise. (NOTE: This is the step missing from the instructions in the desk.)
  6. Click on the telegraph key. Your valise will appear and a text window will open. Take the telegram from the valise and type the message into the message window. Type slowly, you will hear the Morse Code transmitted, and there is a significant delay between each letter.


The information below is a complete walkthrough for the Rubiyat section of the game. This section is provided to aid you in case you require further assistance beyond the information given above. Please do not read on if you are trying to beat the game on your own! The answer will be revealed.

Meet Max on the Boat deck. He offers you a game of blackjack in the smoking room. If you accept, he says he wants you to meet Willie and Zeitel’s in the Parisian Cafe before playing blackjack. In the Parisian Cafe with Max, Willie and Zeitel tell you about themselves and in the middle of the conversation Willie mentions that when he tried to send Zeitel’s wireless message there was a backlog of outgoing messages, and his message couldn’t be sent right away.

Zeitel and Willie leave. Zeitel leaves behind a pipe on the table you may take. If you take the pipe you can go to Trask and he will do a psychic reading of the pipe. Trask leads you to the Turkish Bath. There you must turn on the faucet and go to the mirror to read the message left for Shasha stating where the Rubiyat was left.

If you turn down Max’s offer to meet Willie and Zeitel, you can follow Penney’s orders and get Zeitel’s telegram from the Wireless Room and decode it with the Enigma decoder machine. Note, this will give you the same message as what’s on the Turkish Bath mirror. To get into the Wireless Room you must talk to way past Officer Morrow. Note, he will also allow you on the bridge later if you find his binoculars.

You should go to the Boiler Room to look for the Rubiyat. A seaman will prevent you from entering the Cargo Hold. You must go through the Engine Control Room between the Engine Room and the Turbine Room. The engine room worker won’t let you enter the engine room. You asked him some questions, but he says he doesn’t have time for you because he’s having trouble regulating one of the boilers. You say you can help him and do the engine puzzle, which consists of tweaking a series of knobs and switches that regulate the boiler pressure. If you succeed, he will let you pass through the door into the Engine Room. Note, if you have a difficult time completing this puzzle, you can ask the seaman for help and he will show you the manual that will tell you how to solve the puzzle.

From the Engine Room enter the Boiler Room and meet Vlad. He asked you to get clothes and food from Sasha Barbicon, in cabin A-14. You must find the Rubiyat, rehide it and then hide it again in a different chute and then get the things requested by Vlad. He will leave and you can get the Rubiyat. If Vlad catches you trying to take the Rubiyat before you get the package from Sasha Barbicon, he will kill you. If you don’t hide the book before you get the clothes and food for Vlad, he takes the book.

The decoded message or mirror message says the following: Boiler Room 3, Coal Chute 4 by Zeitel and Zeitel’s man will pick up the painting at its drop point.

The Rubaiyat

4. Painting/Cargo Manifest Puzzle


  1. The Purser will not let you see the Cargo Manifest.
  2. Help out the Purser by sending a telegraph for Mr. Thayer.
  3. After you have sent the telegraph return to the Purser and let him know. He will leave to tell Mr. Thayer the message has been sent. You can look at the Cargo Manifest when he leaves.
  4. When you look at the Cargo Manifest you find out that the painting is in the Cargo Hold.
  5. The Seaman standing guard will not let you into the Cargo Hold. He has orders to only allow someone with keys in.
  6. Was there anything about a car in the Cargo Manifest? Talk to Daisy Cashmore. She knows something about a car being shipped to New York.
  7. Return to the Purser’s Office. He is too busy trying to find a lost gold cufflink belonging to Mr. Isadore Strauss. If you help him, he might help you.
  8. The Gorse-Joneses and Daisy Cashmore have recently seen Mr. Strauss.
  9. When you find the cufflink take it back to the Purser.
  10. Once you have the keys from the Purser go back to the Cargo Hold and get the painting.
  11. The car will help you “shine some light” on the situation.
  12. Either the painting is there or someone else has already taken it. Presumably Willie.


The information below is a complete walkthrough for the Cargo Manifest section of the game. This section is provided to aid you in case you require further assistance beyond the information given above. Please do not read if you are trying to beat the game on your own! The answer will be revealed.

Go to the Purser’s Office. If you’ve got the Rubiyat, you can check it in. Ask for the Cargo Manifest. The Purser won’t let you look at it. He’s got more important things to do. Mr. Thayer can’t get a telegram off to arrange for a private railcar to meet him in New York. If you send Mr. Thayer’s telegram, the Purser will leave to tell Mr. Thayer the good news. This leaves you free to check the Cargo Manifest to find out that the package labeled “Lemke & Buechner” is identified as a “painting” with Sasha’s initials beside it. If you attempt to enter the Cargo Hold, the Seaman in charge won’t let you. You’re not authorized. He say’s he can only permit a family with the car keys to enter the cargo hold to see their new car.

Note: Cashmore talked to you earlier and said:

  1. Arthur Carter is shipping a Renault to New York. He likes to go down to the Cargo Hold and sit in it.
  2. The Renault is in the Cargo Hold.
  3. The keys to the Renault are in the Purser’s Office.

Go back to the Purser’s Office. He isn’t overjoyed to see you. Mr. Isadore Strauss, the owner of Macy’s has lost a gold cufflink.


The Gorge-Jones may have montioned that the Strausses were sitting on the Reception Deck. Go to first class reception and investigate the chairs the Strausses sat in. (The ones at the bottom of the staircase.) Max is in the reception area and will tell you where the Strausses were sitting. Find the cufflink. Return to the Pursers’ Office. He’s so delighted to receive this that he runs immediately to tell Mr. Strauss, thus leaving you free to access the keys. Go back to the Cargo Hold. The Seaman interrupts you but then sees the car keys and thinks you are Dr. Carter. He lets you into the cargo area. Enter the second door on the right. You look for the crate marked “Lemke & Buechner.” If you turn on the car headlights you can find the painting if Willie doesn’t already have it. If Willie has it, he’ll give it to Jack Hacker.


Smethells finds you and tells you Mr. Haderlitz would like to fence with you in the Squash Court. You must fence with Willie at least once. Willie will give you a little more info each time you fence with him. He explains you and he are on the same side and that his life is in danger because Zeitel wants the painting. (Willie also has the notebook.) If you win two matches, Willie gives you the ring. Otherwise you must get the ring from Smethells. He says Willie told him to give it to you.


The Joneses tell you to meet Trask where “Honor and Glory Crown Time.” Trask is on the A Deck Grand Staircase, urgently demanding to talk with you. He senses the ring is Russian and its owner is in danger. A premonition movie of Willie dying in electric bath is seen. He senses that the ring is connected to a young lady. Trask instructs you to give it to her. She’ll have more to say.

The lift (elevator) operator mentions Willie’s girlfriend and tells you where she is and on what deck. Go to Claris’ cabin on D Deck. Give her the ring and she bursts into tears. Willie had told her that if she received the ring, it meant he was in danger and to tell whomever gave it to her that Willie has hidden a very important notebook for his friend to find. That’s all she knows.


Return to Penny’s cabin. You have or don’t have the painting, you know Willie is a Russian agent, and you know about the existence of the notebook. If you don’t have the painting, Penny knows that the painting contains the missing British naval plans, and that Willie was working for the Russians and didn’t want Zeitel to get the painting. That is why Zeitel is after Willie. Penny gives you a gas pen for you protection. She tells you to go find Willie because his life is in danger. She tells you to find the notebook–it must contain valuable secrets.


Turkish Bath

Morrow and Smethells are outside the Turkish Bath. Morrow knows abut the death and knows that passengers must not be alarmed. He will let you in the Turkish Bath. Smethells tells you he overheard an argument over a painting. He confides in you he thinks foul play may be involved. Enter the electric bath. You’ll find Willie dead. Willie has left a scavenger hunt for the notebook. You find a clue from the Rubiyat “And many knots unravel’d by the road.” Give Trask the clue and he will give you hints.

On Scotland Road you find a coiled rope, a hatchet, and other safety items on the wall. Click on the rope and Hacker comes out and repeats a message Willie told him: “Ancient ruby by which grows a vine.” The phrase is also from the Rubiyat. Trask will help you figure out that this refers to the Parisian Cafe.

In the Parisian Cafe in the relise work next to the table where you found Zeitel’s pipe, you find a package of Old Red’s. If you have talked to Max you know he smokes Old Red’s. If you go to the Smoking Room and give Max the Old Red’s he tells you he saw Willie throwing something into the fourth smokestack, something he must have wanted to destroy.

Old Reds

Burns is in his cabin (C-78) and will show you a picture. Any time during this mission, there is a Seaman standing guard on the boat deck at the bottom of the fourth smokestack. He won’t let you climb up the smokestack. He will tell you the only way into the smokestack is from the stairs between the turbine and engine rooms.


The Seamam in the control room will not let you go any further into the other rooms until you help him solve the regulating boiler puzzle again. If you solve his problem, he lets you proceed to the smokestack. The entrance to the smokestack is up the stairs in the Engine Room. You run into Vlad, who knows you are trying to foil his plans, and you must fight him. After the fight you can proceed to the smokestack entrance in the Engine Room.

5. Smokestack Puzzle (Notebook)


You will need to solve the Boiler Room puzzle a second time in order to gain access to the fourth smokestack.

Someone has piled crates at various points along on the catwalks up the inside of the stack. To solve this yourself, you’re going to need to explore, look around a lot, and try different ladders plus keep notes. Try to map the different choices. NOTE: there are four different mazes.

When you reach the top look around for the notebook!


The information below is a complete walkthrough for the smokestack section of the game. This section is provided to aid you in case you require further assistance beyond the information given above. Please do not read if you are trying to beat the game on your own! The answer will be revealed.

You will need to solve the Boiler Room puzzle a second time in order to gain access to the fourth smokestack. You will encounter Vlad.

You will need to find your way through a maze of ladders, catwalks, and crates in order to reach the top of the smokestack, where the notebook is hidden.

After going up the ladder behind Vlad, a maze is randomly selected from among the four possible choices. Find out which maze you’re facing:
Go to the Control Panel by clicking the life preserver.
Hold down the shift key and click the help button.
You will see which maze you’re in, and you will be on Level 1.
Below is the solution for the first smokestack puzzle to give you an example.

Smokestack Puzzle: Maze 1

Level 1: Turn left. Counter clockwise to the next ladder.

Level 2: Turn right. Travel clockwise to next up ladder.

Level 3: Turn left. Counter clockwise to next up ladder.

Level 4: Turn right. Clockwise to next up ladder.

Level 5: Turn left. Counter clockwise to next up ladder.

Level 6: Turn left. Clock wise to next up ladder.

Level 7: Turn left. Travel clockwise to next up ladder.

Level 8: Turn left. Counter clockwise to next up ladder.

Level 9: Turn left. Clockwise to next up ladder.

Level 10: Turn right. Clockwise to next up ladder.

Level 11: Reach the top of the smokestack.

You must navigate the maze to get to the top of the smokestack. Here you see the notebook, but when you click on it Zeitel appears with a gun demanding the notebook. Zeitel summarizes all the bad things he has done. The ship hits the iceberg at this time.

If you give Zeitel the notebook he shoots you, not fatally, and leaves. If you give him the gas pen, he is knocked out and you can leave with the notebook.

At the bottom of stairs Vlad is waiting and knocks you out with a pipe wrench and takes the notebook.

6. Necklace/Doll Puzzle


Backstory: The Lambeths have fallen on hard times. Georgia is impulsive and a spendthrift. Charles is a drinker and has thrown most of the Lambeth money into a steel mill owned by Andrew Conkling.

The investment was a disaster, and the mill is now losing money and cutting corners by cheapening the quality of the steel with high sulpher content.

Lambeth has penned a letter to Conkling mentioning these abuses. Short on cash the couple is selling off their last tangible asset: Georgia’s beautiful diamond necklace.

To avoid embarassment the sale will be done anonomously in New York through Sasha Barbicon, an old flame of Georgia’s.

Both of them have secrets.

Georgia Lambeth

Georgia’s secret: She has had it with Charles’ drinking, his aristocratic ways, and his decrepitude. She wants to make a clean break in America. She is afraid of Charles and she gives the necklace to you for safekeeping.

Charles Lambeth

Charles’ secret: He suspects Georgia. Unbeknownst to her he has replaced her necklace with a fake one. He has given the real one to Sasha Barbicon for safekeeping.


The information below is a complete walkthrough for the Necklace/Doll section of the game. This section is provided to aid you in case you require further assistance beyond the information given above. Please do not read if you are trying to beat the game on your own! The answer will be revealed.

Necklace Subplot

Meet Georgia on the Boat Deck. She is glad to see you again after all these years, but distracted. If you are nice to her she gives you the fake necklace and tells you to keep it away from Charles.

After this conversation, meet Georgia on A Deck. She gives you the fake necklace, but if you made her mad on the boat deck she only explains to you a little about her situation. She tells you a little about Sasha Barbicon laundering money for a mysterious organization called the Black Hand. She talks about Charles. How he is beastly to her. She is going to tell you more, but bites her lip. She tells you to meet her in cabin B70 later when Charles is in the Smoking Room.

After this conversation, Georgia is in her cabin. She tells you Charles is in the Smoking Room. She gives you more details about her troubles. Charles barges in and asks what’s going on. He orders you out.

Georgia is on the Forward B Deck. She apologizes to you for Charles’ behavior. Meet Charles on the Boat Deck. He wants you to go to the Smoking Room for a drink. Jump to Smoking Room. A drunk Charles confides in you. (Tip: give him more whiskey). Eventually he’ll brag that he’s swapped his wife’s jewels with fake ones. He tells you real ones are being held by Sasha Barbicon in cabin A14.

Go to the fuse box outside A14. Open the box and turn off the light for A14. If the light is off when you exit, Sasha will leave his cabin to see what happened.

If you enter Sasha’s cabin without turning on the lights, you can’t get to the necklace. Go back and turn on the lights.

Go into Sasha’s cabin A14 to solve the doll puzzle. Swap the fake necklace for the real one. If you leave the doll puzzle with the real necklace, but didn’t leave the fake one behind, Sasha will catch you and kill you.


The information below is a complete walk though for the Necklace/Doll section of the game. This section is provided to aid you in case you require further assistance beyond the information given above. Please do not read if you are trying to beat the game on your own! The answer will be revealed.


You need to solve the doll puzzle in order to get the real necklace from Sasha’s cabin. First, you must get Sasha out of the room by flipping the circuit breaker for his room inside the electric panel in the hallway. Once the lights are out, he will leave, then you can turn the lights back on and go in.

Click on the doll on the table.

Click on the close up of the doll to get a better view.

There are four movable number rings inside an immovable outer number ring. The key is to rotate the movable rings until all the numbers on the inner rings add up to the numbers on the outer ring. Rotate the rings by clicking and holding (to get the open hand cursor) and moving the cursor as needed. To get the proper alignment, rotate the rings until the following configuration is reached, all reading from the outside ring in:

Below the number 15, at 12 o’clock: 5,3,2,5

Below the number 19, at 3 o’clock: 4,7,3,5

Above the number 12, at 6 o’clock: 3,0,1,8

Beside the number 4, at 9 o’clock: 0,1,1,2

Click OK

Click on the doll’s head three time to remove the nested dolls.

Click on the body to see the real necklace inside. Click on the necklace to put it in your bag, then click on the fake necklace (grayer in color) to put it in the doll.

Click on the doll heads again to replace them. You will meet Sasha on the way out, and you must leave his room looking undisturbed.

7. The Clock

The clock in Titanic: Adventure Out of Time, will not move until you have completed certain goals in that particular level of the game. Once that happens, the clock will start running and you will only have a certain amount of time to successfully complete the game before the ships sinks.

Flooded Turkish Bath

If your clock is stuck on one time, then you still have something(s) to do before you can move on. Have you met everyone you were supposed to meet? Have you done all the things you promised Penny you would do?

Scraping the Iceberg

Time will not pass again nor will you be able to proceed to the end of the game until you have completed that level.

8. Letter Puzzle


Backstory: Shailagh is a young Irish maid in the employment of Mr. Andrew Conkling, a wealthy steel magnate and his wife, Beatrix, a noted interior designer. The couple are childless. Conkling got Shailagh pregnant.

Beatrix Conkling

Rather than throw her out, Beatrix encourages her to keep the child while secretly making plans to adopt the child and take her away from her natural mother.

Shailagh has discovered the plot and flees her employers on the S.S. Philadelphia, a steerage liner headed for New York. She takes with her a letter that incriminates Conklin in cost cutting.

Unfortunately, due to the coal strike, the Philadelphia’s passengers are transferred onboard the Titanic. Terrrified to be onboard the same ship as the Conklins, Shailagh keeps a low profile.

She is spotted, however, by Beatrix from a deck above the third class prominade. A message has been sent to meet on the well deck.


The information below is a complete walkthrough for the Necklace/Doll section of the game. This section is provided to aid you in case you require further assistance beyond the information given above. Please do not read if you are trying to beat the game on your own! The answer will be revealed.

Letter Subplot

Meet Cashmore on B Deck Aft Grand Stairs. She asks you to find out the name of the guy who made eyes at her during dinner. Go to the Purser’s Office to get the name. Mention her name. She mentions Ryersons and the Renault, and that Conklin wants to see you on Scotland Road.

After telling her the name, Meet Conkling on the Scotland Road. Thanks to friends in Parliament, Conkling hears that a British secret agent is onboard. He tells you to retrieve the letter from Shailagh. He tells you to meet Shailagh and Hacker on the Poop Deck then come talk to him in cabin B59.

After talking to Conklin, meet Shailagh and Hacker on the Poop Deck. Shailagh has fallen under the protection of a fast-talking brother Jack Hacker who sees he can make money from the deal. At this meeting he tells you Shailagh will sell the letter for $5,000 to start a new life in America.

After the meeting Shailagh and Hacker go back to see Conklin in cabin B59. The Conklins return to their cabin after visiting with the Astors. You tell the Conklins the news that Shailagh and Hacker want $5,000. From comments about pregnant Mrs. Astor you can get clues that Beatrix can’t have children, but wants them. Conklin tells you to find Shailagh in cabin F59 without Hacker.

After talking to Conklin in B59 go to Shailagh’s cabin and you’ll discover she has a baby. She tells you the entire story. You tell her to meet you later in the evening.

9.  Bomb Puzzle (Zeitel’s Cabin)

When you go into Zeitel’s room for the first time and he doesn’t have a boat pass, he will lock you in with the bomb and key puzzle. If he has the notebook, he leaves it and you can take it with you, if you solve the bomb puzzle.



The information below is a complete walkthrough for the Bomb section of the game. This section is provided to aid you in case you require further assistance beyond the information given above. Please do not read if you are trying to beat the game on your own! The answer will be revealed.

  1. Find the switch box between the explosives and the solenoid. Turn the switch to the number three. (Click on the knob’s pointer, then click on three.)
  2. Find the switch box between the solenoid and the battery and turn the knob to three.
  3. Find the switch box between the explosives and the alarm clock and turn the knob to two.
  4. Let the clock run out. You will hear the alarm ring.
  5. Go back to the switch box between the explosives and the alarm clock and reset the knob to three.
  6. The bomb is now disarmed. Click on the box with the key to open it. The key will appear on the navigation screen and disappear once you go out the cabin door.

10. Game Endings

The game can end in any of a number of different outcomes. What you’ve accomplished, and what you take with you off the ship, determines your final success.

Your victory is determined by what ultimately happens to four key objects in the game: the Rubiyat, the real Lambeth necklace, the notebook, and the painting.

Final steps leading to the end of the game:
Bomb Puzzle
Boat Pass
Georgia Poisoned, Obtain Painting
Save Georgia
Vlad in Turbine Room
Get off Boat
Save Baby
To prevent World War I, Vlad cannot leave the ship with either the Rubiyat or the necklace. They can leave with you or be lost to Buick Riviera.

To prevent the Russian Revolution, you must leave with the notebook.

To prevent World War II, you must leave with the painting.

The best outcome for the game is to prevent all three. Other alternative histories may be worse than the one we know today.

Outcome 1 – Soviet Germany

Vlad gets either/or both the Rubiyat and the real necklace. You leave the ship with the painting and the notebook.

World War I broke out, the Communist take over of Russia did not happen. Hitler became a successful artist and World War II did not happen. The Communist seized power in Berlin instead of the Nazis, became powerful, and eventually took over all of Europe including Britian.

Outcome 2 – The Soviets Win

You leave with the Rubiyat and the real necklace, or they go down with the ship. The notebook goes down with the ship or is taken by someone else, but you leave the ship with the painting.

There was no World War I, the Communist take over Russia and all of Europe including Britian. All of Europe is united into a single Soviet Socialist Republic.

Outcome 3 – The Soviets Win

Vlad gets either/or both the Rubiyat and the real necklace, and you fail to get the notebook. You leave the ship with the painting.

There was a World War I, the Communist take over Russia and all of Europe including Britian. All of Europe is united into a single Soviet Socialist Republic.

Outcome 4 – The Nazis Win

Vlad gets either/or both the Rubiyat and the real necklace. You left the ship with the notebook, but the painting went down with the ship.

World War I occurred on schedule, the Russian revolution never happened, Hitler came to power and the Czar’s regime was too weak to resist. Britian surrendered, and the Nazis took over all of Europe.

Outcome 5 – The Nazis Win

Leave either with both the Rubiyat and the real necklace, or they go down with the ship. You left the ship with the notebook, but the painting was lost.

World War I does not occur, and neither does the Russian revolution. In 1927, Hitler overthrew the Kaiser and channeled the full power of a Germany unweakened by World War I into industry and high-tech weapons.

Germany eventually developed the automic bomb in 1939. The West, weakened by complacency, now finds itself facing a nuclear-armed Germany bent on world domination.

Outcome 6 – The Nazis Win

Vlad gets neither the Rubiyat nor the real necklace, and both the notebook and the painting are lost.

World War I does not occur, and neither does the Russian revolution. In 1927, Hitler overthrew the Kaiser and the Nazi’s develop the atomic bomb six years early.

Outcome 7 – Unchanged

Vlad gets wither/or both the Rubaiyat and the real necklace, and both the notebook and the painting are lost.

This is the version of history as it actually happened. World War I occurred, Communist Soviets took over Russia, and World War II took place on schedule.

Outcome 8 – Winning Outcome

Leave the ship with the Rubiyat, the real necklace, the notebook, and the painting. Alternatively, the Rubiyat and/or the necklace were lost to Buick Riviera and went down with the ship. The important thing is that Vlad did not get them.

World War I never happened. The Communists never took power in Russia. World War II never happened. Mankind entered an age of unparalleled peace and prosperity.

Titanic – the mini series

•January 18, 2012 • 1 Comment

Everyone seems to want to mark the 100th year anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic I’m afraid.  I sincerely apologise to all of those who visit my blog to purely look at the Titanic – Adventure Out of Time content.  This year seems to have quite a lot of slightly off-topic posts.  Yet there will be more content on the game soon I promise!

On Christmas day last year ITV1, one of the main television broadcasters in the UK aired a trailer of their upcoming new mini-series involving the Titanic.  It is a UK/Hungary/Canada co-production and will be produced by Nigel Stafford-Clark and Chris Thompson and due to officially air in the UK in April 2012 to mark the centenary anniversary of the sinking of the ocean liner.

ITV1 screenshot

It has been written by Julian Fellowes, who is better attributed to his period drama ‘Downton Abbey’, which has aired world-wide since its creation in 2010.

There will be four 1-hour long episodes which will present viewers with a combination of mystery, action and romance narratives.  The huge cast of 89 characters will be a mix of fact and fiction and will focus on passengers from all social backgrounds and varying national identities.  Each episode is said to focus on different characters and ITV state that

“Each point of view will culminate in a cliffhanger as the ship begins to founder, building to an explosive conclusion which draws together each of the stories.”

The trailer can be seen below.  As far as I know the drama will also be shown in ABC in the US and Channel Seven in Australia..

Trailer that aired on Christmas Day in the UK on ITV1

I wonder whether this will prove a hit among audiences? Or is that too much a bad pun?

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2011 News Round Up and 2012 Ambitions

•December 28, 2011 • Leave a Comment

This year has been a productive year for the Titanic AOOT fan blog. January saw the refurbishment of the tour guide page, along with the recording and embedding of the tour guides from the game into the blog itself. I’d like to say thank you for the positive feedback I received from doing this.

Furthermore, a way to play Titanic – Adventure Out of Time on Windows 7 and Vista was discovered, albeit quite tricky for some but a way nonetheless!

The Titanic Voyage project launched again, this time it literally did crash but we’re promised another improved interactive browser adventure next year in time for the 100th year anniversary of the sinking.

Out of everything this year though, the most memorable and exciting piece of news has to be the mods that have been under development. I received news that the Half-Life 2 mod was to be stopped in April but further work on Titanic – Lost in the Darkness (for Crysis) meant that we shouldn’t be down hearted. The mod, or possible game we’re told is story-based so is the nearest thing we have to Titanic – Adventure Out of Time. Yay!

It was a shame to report the spat that took place on the 22nd December regarding the future of TLITD. Thankfully all is well again and the mod can sail forward to completion.

As for 2012 and the fan blog, I have plans:

  • Certain items that were entered into the trivia page have been commented on by visitors to this site so I’’m going to make modifications to the page. I will also add two other items to the trivia page that I have been meaning to for a while.
  • There is also going to be a new feature page called ‘The Poop Deck’, thanks to some ‘random’ comment left on my blog regarding an entry that I now look back on and think: “why did I publish that?”. It’s going to be called ‘The Poop Deck’ as it’s derived from the the saying ‘Youtube Poop’ and is used to describe all entries that are nonsensical and random within the fanblog. This could range from a photo-shopped picture of a game character to an edited video of the game content. And of course Poop Deck is a nautical term so stays within the theme of Titanic.
  • You’ll soon notice a page called ‘The Lift Attendant’, also known as the Blog Map. As this fan blog gets bigger certain content is over shadowed by other, newer blog entries. The Lift Attendant is there to help you get to where you want to go! The search function is to remain, the map is just an addition to helps visitors to the blog.
  • There is another item I’m working on and have been for some time yet it remains unpublished. I think I’ll keep it to myself for a little bit longer though…

🙂 Happy New Year to my followers and may the following year bring you good news.

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