Official Site – Cyberflix Website

Unfortunately the Cyberflix website is no longer online and active.  However, I was able to save a few items from the site via the Internet Archive and have clobbered them all together amongst these few pages.

Not everything from the official website is presented here as some was not relevant (such as the emporium) and other content was not found.  The original site was copyright  – no infringement intended.  Please click on the links below to view the desired content.

Original Image from Website


*Exhibitions, Expeditions, Books & Broadcasts

*The Game

*Making of TAOOT

*Game Characters


More to come…


8 Responses to “Official Site – Cyberflix Website”

  1. thank god for this web site, it’s nice to know there are other fans of taoot

  2. how long ago didyou start up this website ?

    • 2009 I’d say. Seeing as “2009” is the most early post date in the archives on this site…..

      “Ask Vlad, I don’t know.” – A quote from Sasha Barbicon during the game.

  3. is there a titanic adventure out of time game compatible with windows 7?

  4. TAOOT is too dry. “Dust: A Tale of the Wired West” was far more animated and enjoyable. In Titanic, the characters all had the same monotone sound, and the game had little humor! Dust is the greatest game Cyberflix ever made, TAOOT was simply disappointing after playing Dust.

  5. Titanic Adventure Out of Time is one of my favorite games ever. I’m gonna play again.

  6. So, I’m interested in trying to see if we can get this on Steam. Has anyone done any research already on if there is a petition or a request for this already started?

  7. Hi,
    Is there a newer version of game, we can buy to run on latest version of Windows and newer hardware..?
    We have an older version of game, which doesn’t run on newer version …


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