Here are a few downloads to add to your collection.

1. The Titanic – Adventure Out of Time screensaver– 14.36MB, .zip file

Issued with the demo CD, this screensaver offers the viewer a splendid variety of images from the game.  Not just from the final article, but screenshots from the design stage and unused screenshots and characters.

2. The Titanic Trailer– 4 MB, .zip file

Smaller version than the one shown on youtube, but better quality. I tried to get the one from the demo CD that is full screen quality but couldn’t find a way. Instead I hope this is just as pleasing to watch.

3.  Patches for Titanic – Adventure Out of Time

Patch 1 – ( – 33.9kb) Use this patch if your machine locks up when you first insert the titanic CD, leaving an empty window with four buttons on the screen.

Patch 2 – ( – 199kb) Use this patch if your machine locks up when you are playing the Titanic CD, freezing with response from the keys or mouse.

Instructions on where and how to use the patches are contained within the readme document inside the zip file.

4.  The Titanic – Adventure Out of Time Soundtrack

All tracks are in mp3 format.

The soundtrack was composed by Erik Holt and therefore copyrighted to him.

01 – Menu Screen (18 sec – 284 KB)

02 – Flat Music – Chopins Preludes Op 28 No 7 (58 sec – 907 KB)

03 – London Bombing (18 sec – 292 KB)

04 – Opening Credits – with narration (1 min, 24 sec – 1.29 MB)

05 – Opening Credits – Instrumental (1 min, 50 sec – 1.68 MB)

06 – C Deck (3 min – 2.75 MB)

07 – A-Deck and Grand Staircase (1 min 14 sec – 1.13 MB)

08 – Boat Deck (48 sec – 765 KB)

09 – Cafe Parisien (6 min – 5.5 MB)

10 – Scotland Road and E Deck (1 min, 33 sec – 1.42 MB)

11 – F Deck (3 min, 1 sec – 2.76 MB)

12 – Turbine Room (36 sec – 574 KB)

13 – Boiler Rooms (1 min – 952 KB)

14 – D-Deck (5 min, 48 sec – 5.32 MB)

15 – Cargo Hold (4 min, 54 sec – 4.5 MB)

16 – Fencing (5 min – 4.59 MB)

17 – Vlad Fight – with sound effects (48 sec – 765 KB)

18 – Smoke Stack (1 min, 54 sec – 1.75 MB)

19 – Iceberg (27 sec – 425 KB)

20 – Launching the Lifeboats (5 min, 12 sec – 4.77 MB)

21 – Defusing the Bomb with sound effects (48 sec – 765 sec)

22 – Sinking Fast (6 min, 12 sec – 5.69 MB)

23 – Last Two Lifeboats (4 min, 48 sec – 4.4 MB)

24 – 12-45am (4 min, 28 sec – 4.09 MB)

25 – End Credits (2 min, 30 sec – 2.3 MB)

4. Sinking Themes~ 5 versions (kindly ripped by James – Thanks!)

Track 1 (1 min, 17 sec – 1.76 MB)

Track 2 (1 min, 33 sec – 2.14 MB)

Track 3 (36 sec – 861 KB)

Track 4 (1 min, 9 sec – 1.57 MB)

Track 5 (57 sec – 1.31 MB)

(These are included in the first soundtrack but come from a different source and are of a preferred quality)


24 Responses to “Downloads”

  1. the opening credits seems to be short :\ I noticed some of the dialogue seem to be missing

  2. You’ll have to look through them yourself and listen as I don’t know off the top of my head. And if you want the iceberg scene without sound effects you’ll have to rip it yourself as I don’t take requests for music files – sorry!

  3. it’s a great game and i want to play once more.
    however, i no longer had this game anymore.
    the game is not available at the stores anymore for sure.
    so how can i find this game back or do i have to download it from the internet?
    pls help! 🙂

  4. Hey thanks for the posting the soundtrack – I’ve been looking for a while for an MP3 of some of the files

  5. Thank you soo much! ^^ I’ve been looking everywhere for the soundtrack!

  6. Nice website, Cyberflix was a great company. I think the download links are down for the soundtrack.

  7. I’m so happy to find that I can download the game’s awesome soundtrack, But I can’t. For both the soundtrack and the sinking themes, the links given lead me to a message that says the server cannot find this address. Could you please fix this? I would really appreciate it.

  8. I just edited the Opening Credits Instrumental for higher Quality.
    But my Program crashes when exporting it as Audio File, im going to get a new PC then and uplaod it on here, greetings from Germany.

    ps. im trying to re-record the tracks with a sepcial method and edit them too, but ive just lost CD1 somewhere in my room. This cool purple thing.

  9. I was looking through this list here, I’ve browsed through every possible place and I’m pretty positive it seems like not a whole lot of people know this?

    But there are different sinking themes…

    My very first playthrough — 1st sinking theme when Penny Pringle leaves your cabin, and the you hear the metal and wood popping and stressing,

    the music was a variation of the cargo hold theme.. it had less resonance and echo — it was like listening to a solopiece of the song then suddenly it became dark and symphonic.

    The next sinking themes were all different too…

    Like for example, the ‘last two lifeboats’ theme, There are parts that are re-arranged.

    like @ the refrain when it builds up and you hear the piano play it down… like a pyramid,
    this version, you don’t hear the piano play it down — it’s all string instruments.

    or like sinking 2-3 there is a REALLY dark melody which sounds perfect for impending death… it played in the place of the song that sounds a lot like the ‘vlad fight’ theme…

    The setting of the music was more…. like you were going to die rather than the rush to survive… I thought it was more atmospheric.

    I can’t seem to find these strange versions which are MUCH better than the mainstream versions that everyone is familiar with — the only answer would be to convert the files on the CD, but … pfft… I can’t figure out that format.

  10. Amazing work! Thanks for posting all of this!

  11. nice game of titanic

  12. i want to dowload the game titanic ! i have no link to download it !~ can anyone suggest me how to do it ? which site can help me load d game and play it or any site where i can play the whole game online !

  13. where can i get this game

  14. a tad late to the last two posters… but as i’m new to the community i thought i’d start things off right 🙂


  16. can someone tell me how to find the audio file for the engine room/control room? i love the ambience, i cant find a file of it anywhere! please help.

  17. I was brought here looking for the demo (Lost Missions) as I already have the full game

  18. excellent sound track I’m very Grateful to you for posting this on your website pete

  19. is it possible to download the hallway music from the titanic demo please

  20. Anybody remember how the Lost Mission demo had music in it that didn’t make it into the full game– the theme that plays in the A-deck corridor and the lounge hallway (which begs the question of why they programmed the hallway without giving access to the lounge itself)? Might be a good one to hunt down for completion’s sake (it’d make a good bonus track if you’re going for a soundtrack packaging). Always wondered why that piece was omitted from the complete game, but there are a ton of little curios about the demo vs the game that I’ve wondered about. I love little obscurities like that.

  21. Absolutely love the soundtrack, I’ve had this game for years and still like to play it once in a while.

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