Who’s who on this pile of nuts and bolts called the Titanic. Here is a comprehensive list of all of them.

Penny Pringle
pennyShe’s your boss, the other British Secret Service agent on board the Titanic, and the contact you were to wait for. She seems a bit of a hard case, not the sort of person you’d care to get to know better. She’ll be keeping you up to date on the case, however, and will occasionally give you new orders. You’ll meet her in the gymnasium, and, later on, in cabin F-34.

Colonel Zeitel
zeitelGiven the current world situation, it’s fair to admit that the colonel is your chief adversary in the game – a dangerous man who should not be crossed. You’ll meet him first in the Café Parisien, where he and his protégé Willie have spent much of the voyage so far. You will be having several encounters with this gentlemen before the end of your voyage.

Willi Von Haderlitz
williWillie is Zeitel’s young protégé, a German on his way to America to study the mythologies of the Indians. You’ll meet him with the Colonel in the Café Parisien.

You may get to know young Willie quite well. He’s a fencing enthusiast and will welcome a round or three with you, later. Listen to everything he has to say. Sometimes, his youthful enthusiasm gets the better of him, and he says more than he should.

Sasha Barbicon
sashaSasha is a London art dealer. You’ll be dealing with him from time to time, though not necessarily while looking for information. He might strike you as abrupt… and somewhat sinister. His cabin is A-14.

Eric Burns
ericEric is an American photographer, on board the Titanic with his wife, Stephanie, for their honeymoon. You might be able to help him out with a personal problem, and he may have some of the solutions you’re looking for. His cabin is C-78.

Daisy Cashmore
daisyDaisy is an old acquaintance of yours who claims friendship when it’s convenient. A name-dropper, she likes mentioning wealthy people she meets on board the Titanic. At one point she may relay a message that someone wealthy is looking for you. You may run into her outside the Café Parisien, B deck, Aft Grand Stairs.

Andrew Conkling
conklingAndrew is a wealthy steel magnate travelling to America with his wife, Beatrix. He may need to see you on an urgent, private matter. You’ll meet him on Scotland Road. His cabin is B-59. His involvement in the game is optional and is not pivotal to your main aims.

Beatrix Conkling
beatrixAndrew Conkling’s wife is rather formidable… and you can tell she has a ruthless streak. You have the feeling that she would push ahead in fulfilling her own desires no matter what the cost to others, especially to others of a lower social station.

Henry and Ribeena Gorse-Jones
henryribeenaThese people are… indescribable. Meet them. You won’t be able to avoid it. Listen to what they have to say. You won’t be able to avoid that either. If you’re patient, you might be able to pick out some useful information or an occasional message from someone else. They may also surprise you when things get tight at the end.

Jack Hacker
jackJack is an Irish immigrant down in third class. He’s tough, maybe even brutal, but it looks like life has made him that way. He’s protective of his sister. You’ll run into him on Scotland Road, on the poop deck and possibly on or near the second class stairs.

Shailagh Hacker
shailaghShailagh is a young, Irish immigrant who’s obviously gotten into some trouble of some sort, You may meet her in cabin F-59, or with her brother on the poop deck, or near the Second Class Stairs.

Lord Charles Lambeth
charlesCharles is the husband of your old friend, Georgia. You’ll meet him in his cabin, B-70. Maybe you can have some drinks with him later in the smoking room as well as extract some very juicy gossip from him once he has drunk one drink too many.

Lady Georgia Lambeth
georgiaAn old friend. Also the unhappy wife of Charles Lambeth. She will definately want to meet with you up on A deck, and you might see her in B-70 or elsewhere later. She may mention things from time to time that you need to know.

The Lift Attendant
You don’t know his name, but this guy knows everybody. He can tell you where people are, where things are on the ship and how to get there, and plenty of gossip. In short, a good person to know… at least as long as the lifts are running.

Claris Limehouse
clarisWillie’s pretty girlfriend. You can find her in her cabin, D-19, after you get something from Willie to give to her. Later, you might meet her in the First Class Lounge. She’s a pretty little thing and is travelling to America so that she can be married off some rich businessman.

Third Officer Morrow
morrowOne of the ship’s officers, you’ll meet him on the boat deck when you try to enter the wireless room. You’ll need to tread your way carefully through your conversation with him in order to get what you want. You may also meet him if you try and go onto the bridge. If you can find his missing binoculars, you might get a chance to go on the bridge yourself. He’ll also be on the boat deck when the ship starts sinking, trying to maintain order and get the boats lowered. He’s a good man to know.

Max Seidlemann
maxMax isn’t the sort of guy you’d expect to meet on a millionaire’s liner like the Titanic, but he’s friendly – almost ostentatiously so. You can ignore him or socialise with him, as you please, but he is a good source of information. You’ll be able to meet some people you need to meet by going along with him.

smethellsSmethells is your steward, and the man who gets you started. You’ll first meet him when you answer the knock on your cabin door, and later you may run into him elsewhere aboard ship. If a bit dry, he’s a good source of information – especially about the ship and where things are – and may messages for you from others.

Leyland Sachem Trask
traskLeylend Trask is a good man to know. “Meta physical scribe and evangelist for the supernatural,” he claims to be a sensitive and will offer to do psychic readings on various items that you offer to him. Maybe he has psychic powers… or maybe he’s just a very good judge of human nature. Either way, he has lots of information that you’ll be able to use, and he may even be able to set you on the right path every once and a while, when you don’t know what to do next.

Reverend Edgar Trout
trouttAn American missionary travelling in second class. He has strong feelings about psychics in general and Trask in particular. His shock at seeing an upper class man ‘mingling’ with the steerage women may provide a clue along the way, and he is able to tell you about Scotland Road. He will offer you a prayer card. Given the ship you’re on, it might be a good idea to take it. You may encounter him on the Aft Grand Stairs, or going down the the Second Class Stairs,

Vlad Demonic
vladVlad is a Serbian revolutionary and a stowaway. You’ll meet him in one of the boiler rooms and may have other encounters with him later on. Not a nice person, though you may want to be nice to him early on to further your own ends.


7 Responses to “Characters”

  1. How would I go about pulling the audio files associated with Lady Georgia Lambeth and Shailagh Hacker? (J. Lynn Talley’s vocal work) What are the files listed as? How would I find them? (I am helping Lynn put these together for a reel)

    • I didn’t rip them from the CD, I recorded them straight from the game using an application called Audacity and then edited it further with an application called Wavepad.

    • If I’m not mistaken, they are .MHK files.

  2. Hmm. I can’t do it that way…do you know what the file type might be for the dialog? If so then perhaps I can talk to a programmer friend about getting them that way. Is all of the dialog part of movies?
    Thank you for any help 🙂

    • No, otherwise I would have done it myself as it would be better quality sound for the fanblog. Good luck though, I’m sure it’s there if you have all the technological know how.

  3. Sorry to keep on with this line of questioning, but would you consider accepting some money to record one monologue each from either of them? Maybe even just a couple of choice emotional lines for each of them? I promised I would help her and I believe you could help me help her…..

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