Actors v. Characters

Want to know how much the actors look like their characters?  It’s not usual for a computer game to incorporate real human beings into their game… well not back in 1996 anyway.  It has always intrigued me so I decided to research what the characters looked like.  I’ve added those which I’ve successfully been able to find on this page.  I’d also like to thank those knowledgeable users at who provided me with the answers.

All images have been obtained from the public domain (no copyright infringement intended.)  If you appear in any of the pictures, can maintain this and do not wish to be represented on this page then please comment.

Click on the image for a larger version.


13 Responses to “Actors v. Characters”

  1. Can you imagine running into Colonel Zeitel in the real world? Haha.

  2. What no Penny Pringle?

  3. here she is:

  4. Hi,
    I’ve uploaded Penny Pringle (Pamela Hurley’s) only other acting work on my channel on Youtube.

    • Thanks, I’ll add her to actors vs. characters page. I tried to download an old video clip of Andrew Conkling (aka Michael Prescott). It says he plays the priest in a show called the Pretender. I downloaded the episode and the guy looks nothing like him. I loved your youtube clip though, made me giggle!

    • Your walkthrough is genius!

  5. This is AMAZING.

  6. they look alike because the game is Full Motion Video…. not full CGI

  7. No info on the imigrant girl Shaliagh Hacker or The fencer Willie?

  8. William Bensen (Benson? Bensen? Maybe TAOOT spelled his name incorrectly in the credits) is also a painter! He and his family live in Virginia where he’s also a TV and web producer. Pretty cool.

    His paintings are great.

  9. Here’s Michael Prescott (Andrew Conkling) i think?

  10. Where to find Oberst Zeitl / William (Bill) Benson in real photos?

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