Change history on a ship out of time!

Welcome to the Titanic – Adventure Out of Time website.

Thanks for stopping by, I bet you’ve heard the Linzer Torte is quite passible for a British ship. Don’t know what I’m going on about? Then let me fill you in…

This is an unofficial website dedicated to fans of the computer game and those in need of desperate help along the road to completion of the game. For those who have never heard of it then I must tell you about this amazing game which was the number 1 bestseller in the UK and US in 1996. Over a decade on and it’s still being played around the clock. OK, let me fill you in.

Intrigue and adventure await you onboard the Titanic, the most famous ocean liner in history. As a failed British agent in 1942 where the world is in turmoil you are haunted by you’re failure to complete a mission from your past. All is not lost however, you are hurtled back in time by a German bomb and are given the chance to re-write history and change the future!

Please you must allow me to give you some advice: note that this website contains lots and lots of spoilers and if you don’t want to see them then this is not the site for you!

I have created this site due to my love of the game, which has taken over part of my life.  The images, sounds, music and videos are all copyrighted to Cyberflix, the game’s creator.  No copyright infringement is intended and I’m not creating this website for any material gain.  I strongly urge those who have not played the game to buy it legitimately and only hope that this site helps promotes the game and increase the sales rank, even after 13 years of it’s original release.

Now, if you will excuse me… auf weidersehen.


32 Responses to “About”

  1. *Tries to send Telegram thru the Macronia Wireless by sneaking in when the crew is on a bath-room break*
    … ………………………………………………………….*****……………********…………………………………*********..**……******…………..****……………
    Translation below:

    Hi I have found your blog and am using the Titanic Wireless room which I hooked up my time travel gimmick to send messages as Email to the future.

    I have noticed you haven’t updated your blog since August 2009 and have visited your blog several times and am a bit worried…….okay more like a lot bit worried. 😮

    Any word on what’s happeing in the Adventure Out of Time community?

    Thank you for any replies and I gotta hide as I hear the door jingling.


    *shuts off Macroni Telegraph device in a hurry and rushes into the room next door to hide under their bed*

  2. I love this blog, thank you for it and please continue updating! Greetings from Spain.

  3. I played this game years ago, still have it, but i cannot get it to work on the new computers; my son got it to work on his mother’s older comp, but it will not even read the disk on mine. Is there anyway to get an updated version or is there some trick I can use to get it to work on mine (I have Vista)

  4. So nice to find this site!

    My name is Lynn and I played the voices of Lady Georgia and Shailagh. I’ve been trying for years to pull my vocals from the game to have for my reel, and I am too ignorant of the ways of technohacking to be of any use. Can anyone help me?

    Thanks– and thanks for putting up this site, Mr. Mystery Host!

    • Wow! Well you did a great job Lady georgia 🙂 I love that game! How/ where were the voices recorded? Were the characters appearance based on real people or justt made up?

      • Thanksh, Fran! We laid down the tracks at the Cyberflix studio in downtown Knoxville. I’m not sure how they came up with the characters. I was just hired as a voice actor. If only one of the game creators were on this forum…

  5. Oh, my goodness. An awesome place like this exists? I can’t believe it. I absolutely love this game. I played it with my Step-Brother when I was 9, and I have since then completed the game 3 or 4 times. When I have more time I’ll take a look at all the posts, but for now, thank you! ^_^

  6. What an excellent website. It is encouraging to see this level of thought and comprehensive design you have included here. I have thoroughly enjoyed this place, keep up the good work.

  7. Thanks for putting up this site! This is one of my favourite games and I’ve finished it several times, on all endings. Love every minute of it!

  8. i can’t believe that this website is going strong even until today. i was talking with my family how we used to play this game all the time and found this blog. The game’s concept is incredible. i like the time traveling idea and the spying and the great graphics. it could use a dusting and if they remake this i’ll be onboard.

  9. Great website I never played the game in the 90’s, but still a great web site.

  10. I need help with the game and not sure where else I might get it. Hopefully, you might be able to.

    I haven’t played this game since I first got my computer, but after building a new one, I installed this, and decided I’d give it a try again. However, it seems to have an issue with Windows XP, as I can’t get past talking to Smeddles at my cabin door before I get an error message that “Titanic.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close”

    Will this game run on XP, and if it does, then what issues am I running into that are causing this? My second disc is rather scuffed up, might that be the problem? I tried burning the files to another cd, but that wouldn’t play at all.

  11. Solved my problem by putting my old 13gig(!!) hard drive back in my old tower, and installing Win98, just to play this game with.

    Still doesn’t work on XP, tried a friend’s advice to not let the autoplay install it, but to install it from the .exe file, but choose properties before doing so, and choosing a compatibility mode*Win 95 or 98) for both the setup exe, and the game start exe, but still didn’t work. Was gonna put Win 98 on my XP system in a dual boot setup, but my DVD burner needed a driver for the install to run, and I didn’t want to spend the time tracking down how to install it so the in98 setup would recognize it.

  12. I got this game in 97 when I was in second grade. This game really brings back great memories. I spent hours playing even though I didnt know what to do. I eventually beat the game several times. For some reason this game just got better every time I played it. By far Titanic Adventure out of Time is my all time favorite game ever. To this day I am still amazed.

    Lately Ive been looking for a way to run it on vista 64 bit. Couldnt find any way to run the installer. But, I finally got it to work. It is rather complicated, so I will make a tutorial on getting Titanic to work again on any version of windows.

  13. I’m glad to see other people enjoyed this game. I was a beta tester for it before it came out. It was an honor and privilege to be part of such a wonderful rendering of the ship. If only it could have been in 3d….

    Being a fan of the boat and studier of it’s history I still enjoy wandering its virtual decks and just listening to the sounds.

  14. Hello! I used to play this game all the time when I was younger, but it was too hard for me then and always got stuck! Your site has sparked my interst again – I know this is a long shot, but any idea if my old copy of the game would work on Windows 7?
    LOVE this site – Thank you!

  15. I would love to find out also how to get this game to work on windows 7, as it will not install, any one have any suggestions or ideas?

    • Most people have found downloading it via torrent and playing it via Daemon tools the most successful for Windows Vista. Maybe it will work for Windows 7 too.

      • Hi

        Thanks for the reply, i have found a guy on ebay who sells the disc that allows you to play the game in any platform. So now i can play the game again.

  16. With all of the interest, any talk of this game being updated for a newer platform…Wii, PS3, etc…?

  17. This website is AMAZING! Thank you so much for creating this website, TAOUT is seriously my favorite game. Come to find out one of my boyfriend’s relatives worked for Cyberflix on it — small world! Please keep up the great work and I’m now following you on Twitter and Facebook! Thanks!

  18. Hello and thanks for dedicating this website to Titanic. I just purchased this game back in January 2011. I’m a late gamer. I don’t ever play games on a PC since it’s mostly for productivity. I love this game! There’s much to do and put in the Purser’s safe, etc. I am running it in Windows XP version 2002 SP3 on an OLD computer configuration (too slow by today’s technology) with a 533 MHz E-Machine I picked up from someone at church. I installed it first then whenever I want to play it, I use the first CD and let it autorun from that first CD. I wish there was a way to run this game completely from a hard drive. The CD-ROM drive which came with the E-Machine is SLOW! So everything is slowed down by about 10 seconds. I haven’t gotten through all the possible scenarios yet (played cards with Riviera). I have been using the Gorse-Jones’ scenario at the end of the game to get on the lifeboat. I spoke to a friend of mine who worked at the Bethlehem Steel about the fact that Conkling Steel and the material called “sulfur” in Titanic’s steel. It seems there HAS to be SOME sulfur in ALL steel but too much can degrade the steel at some point. He is going to read up on his metallurgy books he still has at home. Again, thanks for this site!

  19. To run the game without using a CD drive and shuffeling CDs, download and use PowerISO.

  20. Hello, I’m kind of a newcomer here, but I am a huge Titanic buff. I’ve never played Titanic:AOOT, seeing as I was only 4 when it premiered. I would really like to play the game. I heard you can download a torrent file to play it. How would I do that?

  21. Will this game work on windows xp mode for windows 7 ultimate?

  22. I have the old Titanic CD’s but can’t install it because the installer is 16-bit and I have Windows 7 64-bit. Is there a way to install it manually via copy and paste?

    • Check out the section on here about how to play it on Windows 7. You can install it manually. Worked like a charm for me.

  23. I appreciate the memories of Titanic. Any updates would be loved.

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