Play the game online now!

If you want to play Titanic – Adventure Out of Time without the hassle of installing it on your machine then this post is for you.

Daniel Hobi, the creator of the Titanic Voyage project has kindly made it possible for you to play online.  Simply go to this webpage.

It’s available in English, French, German and Russian at present.  The English demo is currently live as well.

Image from Daniel's Webpage

Image from Daniel’s Webpage

You need to have Java installed and the website ( ) added as a trusted source to enable the game to work.

If you’re having problems with the Java security settings then the following tutorial by Learn Some Thing should help you out.

Security Settings Blocked Self Signed Application Running in Java


~ by taoot on March 22, 2014.

9 Responses to “Play the game online now!”

  1. Beautiful. I absolutely love this game.

  2. I’ve tried 3 different computers and I still cannot get this to work. 😦

  3. how can i play this on an ipad without a mouse?

  4. Hey! This really is the game of my childhood! I was 4 when it came out and I remember going to the shop to get it with my dad! I’d REALLY like to play it again but I can’t seem to get the online version to work with my Mac OS Mavericks? Anyone know of any work arounds?

    Any help would be hugely appreciated! Thanks!

  5. Worked for me. You will have to install the game launcher. For me, I need to download it every time I need to play (after restarting/shutting down my system), and I cannot go widescreen. Other then that, it works great, a few technical glitches here and here, but works good for those who can’t play the CD ROM anymore.

  6. This requires Java which loads in all sorts of viruses and crap. I put in Java and immediately I had a weird redirect bug that took me to a fake Java update that keep redirecting me there so I could never download this game.

    There was no other way to get rid of the redirect loop until I turned off Java and now I can browse the internet again without that loop. Thank God!

    Java is pure evil.

    I am sorry the webmaster choose to use such garbage instead of making a simple exe file.

  7. Can the game be played on a MAC?

  8. I’ve tried everything to get this game to work. I have downloaded Java. I don’t know what Unzip a file means. Java has a security setting I can’t get around after I’ve changed my settings. I’ve done everything I possibly can to download the game and I’m giving up on trying to download it. I’m not trying to be mean but it’s very complicated to download this game. Make it easier to download and I’ll play it. If you had an easier way to download the game, maybe others would be able to play it but I can’t play it. I’ve followed the instructions download the launcher, download some archive file without extracting it whatever that means, Can’t find Profiles -> Import for the life of me and no file that says “Titanic Adventure Out of Time” to play the game. So I give up trying to play this.

  9. Hey can we have this game for the iPad please I loved this game it was so much fun it would be more fun if this version was downloadable for the iPad can we have this game for the iPad for those of us who have one please

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