An easier way to play the game…

Sorry, sorry and a hundred times sorry for neglecting this blog.  I know I’m still getting comments and people contacting me – all I can do is apologise for not having the time thesedays to continue updating the blog as often as I’d like. to

I have forced myself to make time to write this entry.  Many people have e-mailed me requesting an easier way to play the game and it’s high time that I made this post about it.

Over at they’ve created a replacement installer for the game that allows it to be played on modern operating systems.  Although I’ve not personally tested it, I’m assured that it works and if not they urge you to leave a comment so they can help you out.

The details about the installer and download are available here.

Many thanks to those who e-mailed me the link.


~ by taoot on February 18, 2014.

3 Responses to “An easier way to play the game…”

  1. This worked for my windows 7 pc. Great game!!!

  2. I just installed the replacement installer last night and it definitely works. I am running Windows 7 64 bit on a laptop. Thanks very much for mentioning this!

  3. Thanks to some great work (dosbox / jdosbox) it is now even easier to play the game:
    Have a look at or (fanblog styled)


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