Interior Shots – Cafe Parisien

Below are a selection of interior shots of the Cafe Parisien on B-Deck.  To view a larger image please click on the picture.


~ by taoot on June 29, 2012.

6 Responses to “Interior Shots – Cafe Parisien”

  1. Always wondered who are the two characters on the first pic. Do you know ?

    • The one in brown is definitely Willi Von Haderlitz. The other one I would hazard a guess at either Eric Burns or Andrew Conkling.

    • I rather wonder where that shot comes from. Never seen that before… But I noticed a lot of shots showing stuff I had never seen in the game before on this website (one of Zeitel in the Turkish bath for instance).

  2. Love the site. I remember working out with Michael Kennedy at the YMCA and he would talk about the “Project” and how he was designing the game and also had a bit part in it. This would have been around 1994.

  3. Why haven’t you updated since 2012? Is this site now defunt and go the way of

  4. Thank you for posting these screen shots. I always wondered who those two men are in that picture.

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