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Read more about some of the characters you’ll meet in the Titanic: Adventure Out of Time game.

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Claris Limehouse
This young beauty is returning from a Continental trip where she was presented to poor European nobles hoping to raise their fortunes by wedding a rich American’s daughter. Onboard, the Main Line debutante may have captivated fellow passenger Max Seidelman, but it’s the young Austrian Willi Von Haderlitz who has won her heart. You must win her confidence to find the clues that prevent war.

Eric Burns
The 29-year-old American news photographer can’t stop taking pictures even on his honeymoon–much to the chagrin of his bride, Stephanie. Some of his photos taken onboard the Titanic contain clues to the mysteries you encounter. Find his darkroom and see what develops.

Penny Pringle
The prim and proper Penny Pringle is an English rose with a nose for mystery and no patience with greenhorns. As your contact, she’ll steer you in the right direction onboard the Titanic. Her cabin is located in second class on F-Deck.

Max Seidelman
Gregarious Max Seidelman, buyer for Haymaker’s Department Store in Philadelphia, is an affable sort and quick to share a smoke or his advice. An offer of a cigarette or the whereabouts of his hero Isidor Straus, the Macy’s store owner, could be just the thing to keep “the sharpie of Spruce Street” by your side.

Ribeena and Henry Gorse-Jones
Mr. Gorse-Jones served his country in India and continues to keep a keen lookout for threats to Great Britain and King George V. Mrs. Gorse-Jones maintains an equal vigilance against social climbers at their country estate in Haltwhistle and onboard the Titanic. If you run into this couple, listen carefully. What seems like idle chatter could be important. Then again, it might not.

Officer Morrow
Gruff, straight-laced, and by-the-book, Third Officer Morrow is on watch on the night of April 14 in front of the wireless office. He doesn’t drink. He doesn’t smoke. A veteran of the Boer War, he’s worried about his wife and a sick son. Morrow is a talker. Listen. Your advice may help him, and he, in turn, may help you.

HINT: On your mission, be careful what you say to the passengers you meet. Some will help, others won’t.

Beatrix Conkling
Mysterious, imperious, and iconoclastic, you’ll find Beatrix Conkling striking a blow for women in the smoking room. Returning from a winter in Egypt and their London townhouse, Beatrix and her husband are en route to California, where she will help decorate the new Beverly Hills Hotel. Beatrix harbors a dark secret, one you should uncover.

Lady Georgia
You and the aristocratic Lady Georgia enjoyed what was called “a history” together. A noted beauty who was much in demand at country homes and London townhouses, Georgia caught the eye of Lord Lambeth, and the two wed five years ago. The social event of 1907, the wedding caught the public’s imagination, as did the famous Lambeth necklace, a glittering array of diamonds, that Georgia wore. Now, with their money nearly gone, a frightened Georgia is desperate to foil the plans of her dissolute husband, Lord Lambeth. Can you help your old friend? Wander up to the boat deck to find out.

HINT: Navigating around the Titanic can be tricky. If you get lost or have questions, these three crew members can help.

On the Titanic, you’re booked into a first-class stateroom. Be sure to explore every nook and cranny of your cabin. If you need assistance, Smethells is your man. This steward’s been with the White Star Line for 20 years and has never met a passenger he couldn’t help. If you need something, try ringing the bell in your cabin.

The Lift Attendant
If you’re lost or need directions, ask the lift attendant. Always on duty, he can direct you to most places onboard. His lifts, or elevators, are located behind the forward Grand Staircase.

The Purser
Need to know a passenger’s cabin number? Ask the purser. His job is to help the passengers. He also safeguards keys, money, and valuables and keeps a cargo manifest–information that might come in handy if you can get him to part with it.

Here’s a full list of characters you’ll encounter onboard Titanic: Adventure Out of Time.

Fellow Passengers:

  • Beatrix Conkling, wife of Andrew Conkling
  • Andrew Conkling, mega-wealthy steel magnate
  • Lord Lambeth, alcoholic spendthrift aristocrat
  • Lady Georgia, his long-suffering spouse
  • Claris Limehouse, ingenue from Philadelphia
  • Max Seidelman, buyer for Haymaker’s department store
  • Mr. Gorse-Jones, a stuffy Englishman
  • Mrs. Gorse-Jones, his addlepated wife
  • Buick Riviera, French bon vivant
  • Eric and Stephanie Burns, American newlyweds
  • Penny Pringle, your contact
  • Reverend Edgar Troutt, a minister returning from Africa
  • Jack Hacker, an Irish immigrant
  • Shailagh Hacker, his sister
  • Leyland Sachum Trask, professional
  • Vlad Demonic, a Serbian stowaway
  • Colonel E. E. Zeitel, a German diplomat
  • Willi Von Haderlitz, a young Austrian
  • Sasha Barbicon, a corrupt London art dealer
  • Daisy Cashmore, a gossipy American

The Crew

  • First Sailor
  • Second Sailor
  • Third Sailor
  • Purser
  • Third Officer Morrow
  • Lift Attendant
  • Stoker
  • Steward (Smethells)

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