2011 News Round Up and 2012 Ambitions

This year has been a productive year for the Titanic AOOT fan blog. January saw the refurbishment of the tour guide page, along with the recording and embedding of the tour guides from the game into the blog itself. I’d like to say thank you for the positive feedback I received from doing this.

Furthermore, a way to play Titanic – Adventure Out of Time on Windows 7 and Vista was discovered, albeit quite tricky for some but a way nonetheless!

The Titanic Voyage project launched again, this time it literally did crash but we’re promised another improved interactive browser adventure next year in time for the 100th year anniversary of the sinking.

Out of everything this year though, the most memorable and exciting piece of news has to be the mods that have been under development. I received news that the Half-Life 2 mod was to be stopped in April but further work on Titanic – Lost in the Darkness (for Crysis) meant that we shouldn’t be down hearted. The mod, or possible game we’re told is story-based so is the nearest thing we have to Titanic – Adventure Out of Time. Yay!

It was a shame to report the spat that took place on the 22nd December regarding the future of TLITD. Thankfully all is well again and the mod can sail forward to completion.

As for 2012 and the fan blog, I have plans:

  • Certain items that were entered into the trivia page have been commented on by visitors to this site so I’’m going to make modifications to the page. I will also add two other items to the trivia page that I have been meaning to for a while.
  • There is also going to be a new feature page called ‘The Poop Deck’, thanks to some ‘random’ comment left on my blog regarding an entry that I now look back on and think: “why did I publish that?”. It’s going to be called ‘The Poop Deck’ as it’s derived from the the saying ‘Youtube Poop’ and is used to describe all entries that are nonsensical and random within the fanblog. This could range from a photo-shopped picture of a game character to an edited video of the game content. And of course Poop Deck is a nautical term so stays within the theme of Titanic.
  • You’ll soon notice a page called ‘The Lift Attendant’, also known as the Blog Map. As this fan blog gets bigger certain content is over shadowed by other, newer blog entries. The Lift Attendant is there to help you get to where you want to go! The search function is to remain, the map is just an addition to helps visitors to the blog.
  • There is another item I’m working on and have been for some time yet it remains unpublished. I think I’ll keep it to myself for a little bit longer though…

🙂 Happy New Year to my followers and may the following year bring you good news.


~ by taoot on December 28, 2011.

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