Titanic Lost in the Darkness mod for Crysis 2 posts bulletin that project may be under threat.

I reported in July about the aforementioned mod being developed by the group ORM Entertainment (blog entry can be found here.) Since then there has been various updates, many of which can be seen on their facebook page and youtube channel.  The mod has received a lot of support and gained a lot of interest since them.  However, it seems that complications have arisen regarding the project.

Yesterday saw exterior modeller Michael Woods post an urgent request on their facebook page stating that their interior modellers had dropped out of the project and they are looking for replacements.  Today TLITD posted a bulletin on their youtube channel: (certain names have been edited)

“We have an big problem. You must help us. The project “Titanic lost int the darkness” is in great danger! As you know a man called ************ create the 3Dmodels for us. Now he got a contract with National Geographic. They want to use ******* models. ******* can get some Money for it. Now there is a “J” who destroy The whole project. He want that we delete the mod, the videos. Stop him we need your help. Say ******* that we need him to continue. Write a comment in my channel please.”

Edited bulletin from youtube

From what I understand from the comment J left on the TLITD facebook page it is true that bigger opportunities have arisen and there is a need to begin copyrighting certain works.  He does not state which works but many would assume it is linked with the TLITD mod which would result in the removal of their contribution from the TLITD project.

J's comment on facebook

He continues to defend himself on youtube…

“ORM have completely misunderstood. They think I am trying to overthrow the project and make decisions for ******* but that is completely untrue. ******* made the decision himself to leave the project and ORM are not understanding and are now trash-talking me all over Facebook, YouTube and forums. They have totally reacted in a way I didn’t expect. If you were in our position, believe me, you would understand our reasoning for dropping out.”

I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens.  However, if you are a modeler and interested in helping out the TLITD team on the project then here are the contact details:

N.B. Article correct at time of publishing, comments referenced may have been removed or edited since then.


~ by taoot on December 22, 2011.

2 Responses to “TITANIC IN CRYSIS!”

  1. Well There is Good News we have sorted out the issues it was a lack of professionalism in are copyright we have two new Quality mangers who are taking care of issue such as this we have got Matt back with us and its of no more concern Kyle Hudak Me and Matt are going to be ensuring ORM takes a more professional roll

    Sean Hewitt

    Sound and Quality Manger for ORM

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