Titanic Voyage Facebook Page

The Titanic: Adventure Out of Time fanblog has been following Daniel Hobi and his project ‘Titanic Voyage’ since it’s maiden voyage in 2010.

For those who have not heard of Titanic Voyage, it is “a five day virtual experience that occurs April 10th through April 15th that enables users to witness and participate in the maiden voyage of the Titanic and gives them the possibility to converse and meet others with a shared interest in the Titanic.”

This month saw the launch of its facebook page.  Although still in its early stages it will act as a community base where you can get updates on the progress of the forthcoming project to mark the 100th year anniversary of the inaugural journey of Titanic.  If you’re a facebook follower then you may want to check it out.  The page will also describe in detail the functions of Titanic Voyage in an attempt to help you get the most of your experience when the time comes to ‘virtually’ board.  The page has already made its first post describing the suitcase and has added several screen shots for users to view.  Definitely worth a visit. 🙂

Click here to be re-directed to the Titanic Voyage facebook page.

Further information regarding Titanic Voyage can be found in the following posts:

Titanic Voyage
• March 6, 2010
Introducing Titanic Voyage

98 Today & The Titanic Voyage Project
• April 15, 2010
Review of the 2010 experience.


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