Titanic – Lost in the Darkness

My last entry into this blog focused upon the cancellation of the Half-Life 2 mod by youtube user ALITITANIC.  Although it’s always sad to hear that a Titanic project has floundered and sunk (so to speak) there’s always another on the horizon.

I briefly mentioned in my last post about the mod for Crysis, one which I’d like to write about in this entry. I’ve postponed writing about this before now as the details for this mod are a little sketchy. The creators have a youtube channel and a myspace account but haven’t really listed any specific details.  Some of you may already be aware of what I’m writing about.

The mod is called Titanic – Lost in the Darkness and is made by ORM Entertainment. For those of you reading this unaware of what a mod is, it is simply a third-party or fan-made (usually fan-made) modification to a computer game.  From what I understand they have been working on the project since October 2008 and if all goes well it will be ready for the 100th anniversary (but let’s not all hold our breath, we all know release dates are easily pushed back.)

ORM Entertainment Logo - Copyright ORM Entertainment

ORM Entertainment consists of five members, of which there are three members who do the majority of the work on the project.

If you research the project you’ll notice there seems to be confusion over whether T-LID (ok, it should be T-LITD but I think T-LID rolls of the tongue better) is a mod or a game. The current position of the project is that it is a mod for Crysis 1. There’s plans to switch over to Crysis 2 yet there are concerns that the mod will only run on a PC and not on PS3 or Xbox360 due to the performance requirements.

Furthermore, If the group get the go ahead from Crytek, a German video game company who produced Crysis (which is distributed by EA Games) they hope to distribute it across the world.  If it is not possible to issue the game in a CD Box then a downloadable version of the game is hopefully going to be made available to the public.

The problem ORM have is that they don’t possess any license for the engine they are using which is why the game remains a potential mod.

Titanic Postproduktion Render - Copyright ORM Entertainment

I’ve not mentioned the storyline yet, which I found on encyclopedia titanica. ORM seem to be German (or most are) and their English not the greatest (no offence!) This probably explains why all the information surrounding the mod is sketchy.  I’’ve tried my best to re-word it the best I can. The original description can be found in the references links at the end of this post.


Until 1 September 1985, the RMS Titanic lay undiscovered at the bottom of the North Atlantic Ocean for 73 years. The next day news of the discovery is transmitted all around the world. It is in a New York bar where 93 year old Titanic survivor Howard Williams hears the story.

Also present in the bar is enthusiastic, young journalist Daniel Louis. He introduces himself to the old man and urges him to tell his story. A story Williams has never spoken of before.

Williams tells Louis of how he became to be a passenger on the Titanic.

[I’m guessing now is the part where the past tense becomes the present tense and you’re blasted back in time. The description isn’t that clear.]

After a failed bank robbery in London he attempts to flee England on the Titanic. Although originally a third class passenger he manages to bribe officers and stewards to secure a place in first class among the rich and wealthy.

Everything seems perfect, with the past events securely behind him and nothing else to hinder him. However, disaster strikes when Titanic unsuspectingly hits an iceberg and Williams discovers the ship is to sink.

Third class passengers find themselves sectioned off from the rest of the passengers and crew, unable to reach the boat deck and save themselves. Williams is their only hope to liberate them from their deadly prison.

ORM hint at a demo version being released but be warned, your PC would have to 2-4 GB ram accompanied by a fast processor.

Don’t be afraid to view one of their Work in Progress youtube video.

This blog entry has been contrived through information obtained through the public domain. Things mentioned here have not been confirmed by anybody, but are merely scraps of information pieced together and I mean scraps. I trawled through all the creator’s comments on his youtube videos to get more information on the mod. If you know anything about the mod that you may wish to share, or if something has been reported incorrectly or has been the subject of change, please comment below.

Encyclopedia Titanica
ORM Entertainment Youtube Channel
ORM Entertainment Myspace Page
Titanic – Lost in Darkness Website (archived) – title image taken from here.


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12 Responses to “Titanic – Lost in the Darkness”

  1. Beautiful! Hope they don’t sink this project – it looks so very tempting. I’ve never played Crysis but watching the video makes me want to buy the game just to be able to play this mod. Music is beautiful too. Not sure if I saw who’s the composer in titles and will they use it in the game or is it just background for the video.

  2. Last I saw of this fantastic project was here: http://www.encyclopedia-titanica.org/discus/messages/5919/134846.html

    There are some awesome images there too! (in the archived links at the top of the page also – mainly the most recent though) But there’s been NOTHING since…. if this project dies, I may well die with it :/ I’ve begun making a whole new computer just so I can run this game, even if it’s only ever released as a beta. Just ordered 4 Gig of DDR3 Corsair ram at 2000Mhz that I might even overclock, THATS HOW KEEN I AM FOR THIS GAME!

  3. I think the music is just background for the video, as nice as it is :/

  4. Found an old Mod DB page that hasn’t been used since 2009: http://www.moddb.com/members/ormentertainment

    But HERE is where all the new information is! Just today images have been added of the Reading and Writing Room and an A Deck Cabin, and by god they are astonishing! – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Titanic-Lost-in-the-Darkness/230665940279680

  5. Hi,

    saw an article with video no.5 on “gamestar.de” today. Can`t believe it. Absolutly fantastic. Real good work.

  6. Von dem was ich bis jetzt gesehen habe bin ich schön überrascht hammer Grafik. Ich hoffe das man des Spiel richig viele Details gibt viele Türen, Schränke, Safes, Fenster, öffnen kann. Toll wäre auch wenn man des den Safe mit der Zeichnung aus dem Film geben würde das man sich ansehen und wieder zurück in den Safe geben kann. Bei Wassereinbruch die Schleusen oben an Steuer schließen kann wie Mr. Murdoch aber noch Zeit hat das von Unten zu sehen wie die Schleusentoore sich schließen. Und beim Wasser im Schiff schwimmen kann. Wollte schon immer mal im PC voll dabei sein wie es untergeht an verschiedenen Stellen das Wasser eindringen sehen und dabei sein wie sie Untergeht Glas sollte vom Wasserdruck zerbrechen und klirren. Gut wäre es wenn man sich auf dem Schiff frei entfalten und alles bis zum Untergang ansehen kann also wenn eine Story dann so das man Zeit hat und Sie nicht umbedingt erledigen MUSS. Ich hoffe das Euer Team die Power hat und ein Hammer Game rausbringt. Von mir schon mal Respekt zu den Bildern und Clips. Macht uns happy. Freu mich auf euer Release klappt zwar nicht zum 100 Jährigen bestehen aber lasst euch Zeit und bringt Richtig viele Details mit ins Game. Danke Michael G.

  7. hi iv been findng your work well done but i whant two play this game and is it possible to buy it culd you let me no thanks great work from a titanic fan

  8. but it has no furniture??

  9. I want to leave a quick comment letting you know that a lot has changed since this was posted. The guy in charge of the company, and one of his assistants is German, but the majority of the company is American. The story has also completely changed. I know this… because I’m the writer 😛

  10. I see this project has been renamed to Titanic: Honor and Glory and is being developed by Tom and FourFunnelsGroup. Looking forward to it, 2015 is way too far away! This is a great website and Titanic: AOOT is the best game ever 🙂

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