Titanic Voyage – Registrations Open

You may remember an article I wrote last year reviewing the success of Daniel Hobi’s real-time browser adventure, Titanic Voyage. The experience lasts five days and you can log in and out as you please. The best way to describe the project is that enables users to virtually witness the maiden voyage of the Titanic again and gives them the possibility to converse and meet others with a shared interest in the Titanic.  The good news is, that on April 10th, 2011 the Titanic Voyage project will sail again and registrations to take part open today!

Participants from last year’s project will recall their experience. Every location is an open chat room, giving you the ability to meet new people, the chance to drink yourself underneath the table in the Café Parisian and a new feature of smoking cigars till you pop in the Smoking Room (Well, didn’t Smethell’s mention there were 8,000 on board?)

View the video review for Titanic Voyage 2010

To pass the time, passengers are invited to participate in missions involving hidden objects and deliver them to the Purser. Although, not obligatory they are a fun way explore the whole of the ship and believe me, there is a lot to explore!

View the trailer for Titanic Voyage 2011

Speaking of exploration, the deck plans have been enhanced making movement a lot easier and allowing certain areas to be highlighted and more information given.

Improved maps, with area highlight

Last year highlighted issues which have lead to enhanced performance this year. An updated GUI with more chat space, new clock and side bar has been added. As well as an improved menu structure, allowing the user to chat and read messages simultaneously.

Better Menu structure and features

2011 also sees the introduction of features that will allow you to transfer money to other passengers if you feel that way inclined.

Money transfer, why not buy a new friend a drink?

This year marks the 99th anniversary of the Titanic disaster and what better way to commemorate it by spending it on board a virtual Titanic amongst friends. Be who you want to be, you even get an option to choose to be a famous character from the disaster such as Molly Brown or John Jacob Astor.

Visit the website here.


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  1. Dear Titanic Voyage passengers,
    unfortunately my hosting provider automatically closed http://www.titanic-voyage.com due to heavy load / traffic on the server. (14. April 11:23 pm)


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