How to play Titanic Adventure Out of Time on Windows 7 & Vista

To play Titanic on newer operating systems the best way to do this is by using a virtual machine. What you’re basically doing is installing a second operating system onto your computer that can run in your current OS. You’ll need an old copy of an operating system that plays Titanic (XP/98/95 etc.) either on a disc or as an iso file and enough space on your hard drive to install a second operating system. If you have these available then follow the subsequent steps:

1. Go to this site ( and download and install VMware Player. You’ll have to register for your free download.

Note: If you find that the newer versions of VMware Player do not work on your computer then try downloading an older version.  I found version 3.1.5 the best.

2. Once installed, run the application. You should see the following screen. Click on the option ‘Create a New Virtual Machine’.

Option to click highlighted in yellow

3. Next it will ask you the location of the operating system. Select the options depending on how you intend to install the operating system (I personally had the CD)

This is the next screen you will see

4. The next options are fairly straight-forward. You will need the OS’s product key to complete the installation. I chose to install it on an external hard drive and made sure all my data on that drive was backed up. Although no problems occurred, please don’t blame me for any data loss.

5. Once installed, run the VMware Player. In the left hand column there should be a virtual machine visible. Click on it and the details of the operating system should appear to the right of the Window. You can see this on my computer below. It is in a suspended state as I did not shut down the OS the last time I used it.

Mine is currently in a suspended state due to the last time I used it

6. Click on ‘Play Virtual Machine’ and the OS should load in the window. Once loaded you need to install Titanic – Adventure Out of Time on the new operating system.

7. Once you have done this you should be able to play the game.


Special thanks to GAZ who wrote and informed me of this method.


~ by taoot on January 26, 2011.

54 Responses to “How to play Titanic Adventure Out of Time on Windows 7 & Vista”

  1. oh my god.

  2. It’s totally not working for me…

  3. Is there a way to get windows 95 because I don’t have it on disk? Is there somewhere I can get it online? I wanna play titanic and I’m on vista home premium!

  4. I just hope this techinque can work on windows 8.

  5. Do you have to have an external hard drive to download this on to? I have about 200 GB worth of memory still available on my computer but it wont work for Windows XP Pro for me…

    • When I tested this method I had a separate hard drive.

      I think you do not have to have an external hard drive but you may have to partition your internal hard drive for it to work, although I haven’t tested it that way so can’t say for certain.

  6. I’m running an i7 920 64-bit OS processor using Vista. Memory is no issue – 9 gigs of RAM and a TB hard drive. When I try to install the game, I’m told that my 64-bit machine is incompatible with the program. Will the method above allow me to install successfully?

  7. I can’t get it to work on windows 98. It loads and does the intro but crashes as soon as you are asked to insert disk 2!

    Any ideas?

  8. i already download the VMware Player… and i don´t have the ¨Titanic – Adventure Out of Time¨… where can i download it?

  9. @Carloz
    Well, downloading it is illegal. You can get it off Amazon, however, for around $8.

  10. as for your crash problem you just have to mount the disc2 on your virtual drive. It does this because you still have disc1 mounted to the virtual drive

  11. How do I load the game on Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 with the WIndows 98 OS? I installed the game, but it keeps saying fatal error at line 1356 when I try to play it without changing resolution, and will only freeze the Virtual OS when I try to allow it to change resolution, please help!!!

    • Hey Christy,

      I was experiencing the same issue with error at line 1356. After messing around with Virtual PC for awhile I was able to get it to work on windows 7.

      Basically, what I had to do was load up Virtual PC on XP mode, -disable- the integration option (under the ‘tools’ menu), set the screen resolution to 640×480, disable any compatibility options on titanic.exe, and BAM, it worked. It will, however, be a fairly small screen. I have yet to figure out how to get it to fullscreen but it is playable.

      I tinkered around for awhile before I was able to get it to work, so I may be skipping a step but I think this is what finally got it working.

      Hope it helps

  12. Thank you for posting this document. I was able to use the vmware player software to create an xp operating system to alllow me to play the game. Is there any way to have the game be displayed in full screen? Please let me know. Thank you!

  13. It work for me in Windows XP VM now, but not the screens are 1920×1080 and the game 320×240, so the picture is sooooo smallllll 😦

    The is a trick to force Titanic to go full screen ? I installed using Directx version and standard version, cannot get full screen even if i put the vm full screen…

  14. i begin to install on the virtual machine screen and then it always says the os was not found. Help!

  15. I am astonished that interest in this game continues. I thought for sure I would find forgotten five-year-old threads and dead pages.

    Anyway, I am having the same “illegal operation” message I had when I was 11..

    • Yes mee too, but it’s the only game we can play and see superb interiors of the Titanic !! In Ship Simulator 2008 we can drive the titanic but the model is in 3D, but also basic…

  16. I can’t even get it to load. I’ve loaded up Windows XP Home Edition to VMPlayer and every time I try to load the game from the CD-ROM I get the following error:
    “Insufficient memory to run this application. Quit one or more Windows applications and then try again.”
    This is the only thing running, and I’ve gone into the virtual machine setup and maxed out the virtual machine’s available memory to 8GB. Any suggestions?

  17. hi i keep having issues too 😦 i aint played this game in years , im having to refresh the windows for each scene just to try to play , its a shame really i was made up when i found my discs 😦

  18. I purchased a Windows Millenium installtion disc when I read this article. Anyway, it keeps telling me operating system not found. Am I doing something wrong? I pretty much did everything the article told me.

  19. To play Titanic in Windows Vista without installing a virtual machine, try changing the compatibility settings. Install the game normally, then go to the Start menu and click on the Cyberflix folder as if you’re going to play
    the game. Right-click on the game and click “Properties.” Click on the “compatibility” tab, then check the box that says to run it in compatibility mode. Choose Windows XP (or 2000 or ME, but not 95 or 98). Then
    check the box that says “run in 256 colors” and also check the box that says “run in 640 X 480 screen resolution.” Checking the screen resolution box makes the game run in full-screen instead of a really small window.

    This method worked fine for me, except that the game would sometimes quit working when I was talking to someone in the game. So I started just saving the game often, especially before and after conversations, and
    then I could pretty much pick up where I left off when I reopened the game. This only happened a few times, and it seemed to happen less often as I got farther in the game.

  20. Hi,
    First of all excellent site. I tried you method above to run the game but the windows 98 i ran had basic visual drivers so it didnt work so well.
    Anyway I have come up with another way which seems to work.
    Basically the problem is the installer is 16 bit so will not work on 64 bit OS, even the 32 installer.
    I tried using windows virtual console and the free windows XP you get if you have Windows 7 Pro or above but ran into the problem of not being able to drop down to 256 colours. But this did allow me to install the game.
    I then grabbed the folder cyberflix and chucked it into my programs(x86) folder on my windows 7. I found if I replaced the exe with the patch 2 file you have it seems to be more stable.
    I then ran the game in compatibility mode, windows vista, 256 colours and 640 res. and it works.
    Occasionally the graphics bugger up and the life ring thing at the bottom disapears. However the buttons are still there so if you double click on it to get to the save screen and again its black but the buttons are there and click the save button (which helpfully appears when you click it) and save the game, everything returns to normal.
    I’ve just run a playthrough and it happened about 3 times, which is bareable and reminds you to save.
    So I guess if you can get hold of the files that are installed either by the method above or by someone installing the game then sharing the cyberflix folder, anyone with the discs can play (still needs them)
    If you need any further details just give me an email.

    Cheers again

  21. Thank you so much mate.I can finally play..

  22. Could someone help me? I can’t seem to install the windows millennium disc onto the virtual machine, it keeps saying it wasn’t found. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, I have a windows 7 laptop.

    • I don’t think that windows disks were bootable until XP. You likely need a bootdisk (floppy) to get your virtual machine started. Do a Google search for “Windows Millenium boot disk.”

  23. It should ask you where the new operating system is and then you should be able to direct it to the dvd drive as above. Your alternative might be if you have Windows 7 is to go to
    see if you can download windows virtual PC and then the windows XP. I installed it and used it to activate the install program (32 version) for Titanic, then copied the Cyberflix folder accross onto windows 7 ( just cut and paste it onto your desktop if you like). Run as I have suggested above, might work for you.

  24. This is what it said to me when I tried to download the 32.

    You are not eligible to download Windows XP Mode. You must have Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate to run Windows XP Mode. To upgrade visit Windows 7 Anytime Upgrade.

  25. Yeah you have to have professional or above. The other option is if you can find someone with an old computer one that can install the 32 version of Titanic then just copy the cyberflix folder onto a flash drive, chuck it on your computer and you have bypassed the install program. Then just run the Ti.exe to run the game. I downloaded the patch version on this website and replace the TI.exe with that and seemed to work ok for me in the compatability mode I mentioned above.
    If you have noone with an old computer I can try listing the files that are in my cyberflix folder and you might be able to copy them direct from you disk.

  26. Right ok I think this is how to get Titanic to work in the simplest way on windows 7. All you need is the titanic discs. It is basically a manual install.
    Create a folder call it CyberFlix, then in it create another called Titanic (this might be unneccessary and where you store these doesn’t appear to matter)
    In the titanic folder create two folders LOCAL and TOUR (in capitals).
    Ok open the titanic disc one and copy the file called TITANIC and README (again readme probably not needed) into the main titanic folder.
    Next open the disc folder called DATA. Copy BOOTFILE into the titanic folder.
    Then copy everything else in that directory that is in capitals and paste it into the LOCAL folder. (33 items in all)
    Copy the 3 quicktime movies called TOUR2, TOUR8 and TOUR9 into the TOUR folder.
    Now again on the disc go into the INSTALL folder and then into EXTRA. Copy everything you find there into the LOCAL directory. (19 items)
    There should now be 52 items in the LOCAL folder.
    Finally download the 2nd titanic patch from this website and put the TI.exe into the titanic folder.
    Right click on the TI.exe and set compatability to Windows Vista, run in 256 colours, run in 640×480 screen resolution and run as administrator.
    You now have all the files the installer appears to install.
    I have run this briefly and it seems to start both the main game and tour. I haven’t run it through yet but if you want to test it then I am sure if a file is missing it will crash (sorry about that). But hopefully this should mean most people can run the game without virtual operating systems.
    Please let me know if this works for you.
    Good luck


    • Hi,

      I have never played this game before, just got it off ebay, but I’m excited to play it. Your suggestion has worked fine for me (at least so far). However, I would also add some information of my own:

      Lots of older (and not-so-old) games have a problem with strange colours and graphical problems on windows 7; this also occured for Titanic. This is due to some conflict of colour palette with Windows 7. The easiest way to solve it is to simply kill explorer.exe when starting the game, and starting it again when closing the game.

      In order to do so,
      1. Open notepad
      2. Enter these lines

      taskkill /f /IM explorer.exe

      I:\”CyberFlix”\”Titanic”\TI.exe” (or whereever Titanic is installed)

      start explorer.exe

      Then save the file as a .bat file (choose “any file format” when saving), and the graphics will look nice. That way you won’t have to use the task manager to close/start explorer.exe all the time.

      Nice website, by the way!

      • HI, I got the program to work as recommended by David above, however, the graphics seem really grainy…I tried to follow the instructions you have provided however they do not seem to work as well on the second disk…i.e. I cannot make out the conversations with passengers etc…any help would be greatly appreciated…just to confirm, the notepad entry should be

        taskkill/f/IM explorer.exe
        start explorer.exe

        Many thanks

    • i tryied but im gonna retry all over lol. maybe something is wrong with disk cd , could i of taken something off of it :/ hope not . will try later for now im burned on trying lol . hope it works next time .

    • This works until it says to switch to second disk… what do I do then? I can’t mount the disk with explorer closed.

    • Doing this allowed me to install Titanic Adventure Out of TIme without using VMWare, and I’m on Windows 7. I had to use a little different settings than posted, but it works! Thank you.

    • Hi, I’ve been trying to run the Titanic disks on my Windows 7 laptop by following your instructions above, but I’m confused about downloading the 2nd Titanic patch from this website. When I clicked on 2nd Titanic patch from here, it brought me to a patch called ti_cd to download. So I downloaded that and copied that to the Titanic folder. Your instructions say it should be a ti.exe file, right? I’m not sure if I’m doing this right or not. Can you please help?

      Thank you.

    • THIS WORKED!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!

    • HELLO EVERYONE. I just wanted to let you know. When I went to compatibility settings, I had to click disable desktop composition to get this to work properly. It might be different for some people, but if your game is grainy or you can’t see the text when you’re supposed to talk to people, try clicking that and see if it works! ! ! !

  27. I just have one issue with the game, when I go to play it sometimes the first or second disc I just get a black screen but I can hear the music, and I have to end up shutting my laptop down. I purchased a new game as well and it’s doing the same thing. Any suggestions?

    • Yeah, I had more or less the same problem. Try killing explorer.exe prior to starting the game (if you have Win 7).

      • I was so happy when i came across this, I’ve held onto my game for years hoping to replay it, I’ve tried to get it to work but just get File error at line 4287 (code 2). Any ideas? I would be so grateful!

    • you have to move left or right with the arrow keys and the picture will show up. Mine does the same thing

  28. Holy crap! I did a search for how to play this game because I just found it at my parents’ house and loved it when it first came out. THANK YOU!!!!

  29. I just got this game working thanks to the steps here, and figured I’d stop back by and save anyone else doing this some headache by sharing my process.

    I used VMWare with Windows 98 SE to get this working, and if you do the same, here’s what you’ll need once you’ve installed VMWare and your OS (I used 98SE because it didn’t require the craziness of DOS or a boot floppy):
    -VMWare player and VMWare Tools installed, or You could also use VMWare Workstation, which is a free 30 day trial. Here:
    -Win98SE You can find copies for cheap, or you can specifically look for a VMWare image of Windows 98 SE to use.
    -DirectX 9c installer here:
    -Creative SoundBlaster 16 driver here:
    -Titanic CDs or CD images (of course)

    Once you have Win98SE installed (and nothing else) through VMWare, exit VMWare completely and go to the directory where you saved your VirtualMachine.
    Edit your .vmx file to include the following text. Replace any of the same lines that are already there, add in any lines that are not already there:

    sound.autodetect = “TRUE”
    sound.present = “TRUE”
    sound.virtualdev = “sb16”

    sound.maxLength = “1024”
    sound.smallBlockSize = “512”
    sound.highPriority = “TRUE”
    pciSound.priorityBoost = “TRUE”
    pciSound.DAC1InterruptsPerSec = “0”
    pciSound.DAC2InterruptsPerSec = “0”

    The first 3 lines are totally necessary, but the remaining lines are performance tweaks you may or may not want or need. If anything is wonky, take those lines out, but leave the first 3.

    Now start up VMWare again and install those soundcard drivers, and directx and reboot. You should hear normal Windows startup sounds at this point. It may be choppy, but that’s okay.

    Now, install the Titanic game, but make SURE to do the custom installation. Check both boxes so you include the music on your harddrive and not the CD. Also make sure to choose the DirectX installation.

    Reboot the VM after the install, and you should be able to play!
    You can also install tour guides, and all that stuff.

    These steps worked for me, but they may not work for you.It took me many many hours. Hopefully they do work for you guys, and in a lot less time!

    I’ll try to check back in and answer any replies I see.
    For a 16 year old game, it still plays great! It brings me back to my childhood in such a great way, and I’m so glad this website exists to help people play it!

    • One more thing, getting driver files into VMWare and Win98 was a bit of a hassle. The internet community at large was suggesting hard drive partitions (too much work!) or fiddle with shared folders (don’t show up in Win 98 anyway!) it can be a huge pain.

      In order to get files from the “host” computer to the “guest” VM, you can either search for and install drivers for a USB drive and then mount that with VMWare (if you have internet when you first install your OS, this is a great option. Some network cards don’t play nice with Win98 though.)

      With internet access, you could also download the files directly, but beware on random websites of Win98’s terrible lack of internet security.

      Alternatively, you can just burn the files to a CD, then mount that CD Drive in VMWare, which is what I ended up doing.

      Also, as far as VMWare settings go:
      -If you want internet to work in your VM, use the “bridge connection” option, it was the most straightforward to get working right away.
      -You can totally mount multiple “CD drives” of .iso files. You can use a program like MagicIso to copy the CDs you have, then mount both .iso files, so you don’t have to physically change any discs, just tell it what drive letter to use when you switch, and plus it’s faster this way.
      -Don’t allocate more than 1 gig of RAM for Win98. It freaks the heck out and refuses to boot because too much memory is apparently “not enough memory”

  30. Great website! I recently got the game working in Windows 7 following David’s method of installing on an XP VM, and copying back to W7 desktop, and have played the game faultlessly up to when I need to switch back to disc 1. However, when I put the disc in, it just keeps prompting me for it, like it doesn’t recognise it’s there! any ideas?? Desperately want to finally finish this game…

  31. I don’t know how much interest still stands, but this is how it’s done, jumping off from the original post.

    Install the VMware as suggested. I used Windows 98SE from .iso file. The installation of the OS doesn’t matter as long as you have a valid disk w/key (you can google the key) and it’s compatible with the game; 3.1/95/98/ME/2000. If you go the 98 route, do this:

    The virtual machine will basically have no drivers. Once Windows is up and running, go to Player/Manage/Install WMware tools. This will enable your video at least. Once that is done, you will need to install the sound drivers. This was the most difficult. Many drivers will spark the blue screen of death. However, if you go to this site there is a link to a driver that will work. It suggest replacing a file from a dead link, but you won’t need it. If your setup mimics mine, it will install and you will restart. After this, you should have full sound capabilities; at least enough to run this excellent, excellent game.

    Good luck!

  32. I also bought the game new and I have tried EVERYTHING to get this game to work! I need this game lol! Hopefully it works!

  33. Thank you so much “massamo”. I downloaded your fix for windows 7 and followed your included directions. The game seems to be working fine now. Thank you very much.

  34. I have Windows 8, but no disk of an old OS, can I still run this game, I really would like to Play it again.

  35. I saw this page today, great !!! I have also this game, it was my first PC game ever. I found another solution to run this game with Windows 7 see With a replacement installer its very easy! I have the german version of this game, but I think the english one work too.

  36. I can no longer use VMware on Windows 10 so I now use Oracle Virtual Box, I find it works just as well

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