Stoker Tour Guide

Download the tour here – 418.5 KB [MOV file]

Educate yourself on what a stoker does

“Oooh, passengers aren’t supposed to be in the boiler rooms so watch those furnaces! The captains’ ordered full steam ahead and the boilers are steaming. We got 29 of these monsters to feed. Each ones got 3 furnaces and we got six thousand tons of coal to shovel between here and New York. The steams funnel to the engines that turn the propellers. So the stoker’s jobs important, but hard, shovelling coal over and over, all the way to America and back. They say the Titanic is the single largest thing to float. I can believe it. All very modern, except for this shovelling which I’ve got to get back to. See you later mate!”


~ by taoot on January 13, 2011.

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