Shailagh Hacker Tour Guide

Download the tour here – 679.38 KB [MOV file]

Listen to Shailagh’s talk about emigrating

“This is the third class area, are you lost? I can tell you’re from first class. Really, you shouldn’t be down here. This section is only for immigrants. I’m travelling with my brother, Jack. We’re on our way to America for a new life. Jack says we shall have a huge farm in America and a big house as well. It was hard to leave though. Most of my family stayed in Ireland. We may never see them again. On the other hand, perhaps we’ll get rich. Maybe some day I’ll come home for a visit and travel first-class on this very ship. These people are the Bernellies. They’re in the cabin next to mine. They’re Italian and don’t speak one word of English. I don’t know how they’ll survive in America; perhaps they’ve got relative in New York.

It’s true, they do have automobiles onboard. There stowed forward of here. Just keep exploring. You’re sure to find the cargo hold sooner or later.”


~ by taoot on January 13, 2011.

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