Penny Pringle Tour Guide

Download the tour here – 1.16 MB [MOV file]

Experience the sinking with Penny

“Hello. I suppose you know what happened. It was horrible. I barely made it into the lifeboat and onto the Carpathia. There weren’t nearly enough of them, lifeboats that is. We really didn’t what happened until we arrived in New York. This is what one of the newspapers reported.
At 11:40pm on April 14th the Titanic hit a huge iceberg. The impact ripped the hull apart at its seam, allowing the Atlantic to flow into the ship’s hull. The ship sank at 2:18am on April 15th carrying more than 1500 people to their graves below the Atlantic.

Words don’t do it justice. The scene at the dock in New York was amazing. Dead silence as we made our way to the mooring, then pandemonium. I saw Vincent Astor the younger; somehow he’d made his way on board. He found Mrs Astor. Mr Astor went down with the ship. They say the White Star Office was mobbed with relatives, so many of them were disappointed. Major Butt died and so did Mr Guggenheim and young Mr Andrews. Both of the Strauss’ went down, Mrs Straus refused to leave her husband, perhaps she was wise. Ismay made it onto a lifeboat and now everyone is calling him a coward.
I’ll forget it. It looked as if a huge skyscraper was being sucked into the sea.

The Titanic is unsinkable, only God could sink this ship, we won’t sink, this is the 20th century.

I was lucky to get off alive.”


~ by taoot on January 13, 2011.

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