Leyland Trask Tour Guide

Download the tour here – 642.5 KB [MOV file]

Trask talks time-travel

“Hello, Leyland Trask is the name. Luxurious is it not and excellent for meditation. Do you know anything about time-travel? It’s curious; I was just reading this book. It was written in 1892, only 14 years ago but it’s weirdly modern. It’s about a ship called the ‘Titan’, the largest ever built. It was supposed to be unsinkable, but in the book the ship sinks with everyone on board. Gives me the shivers, but the shivers aren’t that uncommon in my line of work, visions, predicting the future, that sort of thing. For the past couple of days though it’s been very odd. I keep seeing newsboys and the word ‘Carpathia’. I can’t figure it out at all.

Good evening!”


~ by taoot on January 13, 2011.

2 Responses to “Leyland Trask Tour Guide”

  1. I don’t know if anyone had noticed this, but Futility was actually written in 1898, which was “14 years ago” when Titanic sank

  2. If Futility was written in 1892 (even though it was not), and this was only “14 years ago”, then it would have been 1906 …Trask was just six years off when he said “It was written in 1892, only 14 years ago” – it was actually written in 1898 and the events of Titanic occurred in 1912, so more than likely the 1906
    San Francisco earthquake would have preceded Titanic

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