Eric Burns Tour Guide

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Learn about some of the passengers on board

Good evening! My name is Eric Burns, I’m a photographer. Did you get a cigar? Smethells tells me we have 8,000 of them on board. These are some of my photos.

This lady is Molly Brown of Denver. She was a waitress who married a gold miner who struck it rich. Once a nobody she now knows everybody.

This is Bruce Ismay, the President of the White Star Line. He’s the second Ismay to join the family firm. He just came along for the ride on this trip. Left his wife back home in England. Some days I wish I’d left my wife back home in the States.

That’s Thomas Andrews, Titanic’s designer. He’s along so he can find flaws with the ship’s operation and correct them before the return voyage. You’ll probably see him everywhere you go.



~ by taoot on January 13, 2011.

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