98 Today & The Titanic Voyage Project

I wrote an article last month detailing the Titanic Voyage Project, a new browser adventure due to launch on April 10th 2010, in line with the 98th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. It is now April 15th, the Titanic has floundered yet again, albeit in a virtual setting this time around and now is the time to review the adventure.

I registered to board a couple of months before the Titanic was due to set sail and received my account details via e-mail. Unfortunately on the day I boarded quite late due to work restrictions but managed to join the voyage while it was en route to Cherbourg.

The best way to describe the project is that it was one great big chat room. Each room was in itself a separate chat room. Not only chat though, it contained numerous hidden object missions. These objects could be located anywhere on the ship so snooping through a lot of other people’s staterooms was common place. Blackjack was held in the smoking room, which certainly appealed to some and eating and drinking in the Cafe Parisien. To while away the time in the chat room many enjoyed a virtual Coffee Parisien, which left some characters drunk and legless on the floor. You were given £1,000 at the start of the game and a later £500 was awarded as a generous tip by J.J. Astor. I think mainly because people has squandered it all on cards and drink! 😛

Me in my stateroom on C-deck

Events could be held on the ship, the subject matter anything. Apologies to those attending the Gentleman’s Event in the First Class Smoke room which I gatecrashed by being the only woman. Sexism is just one thing I can’t abide 😛

Of course I wouldn’t be writing this article if it did not have any relevance to Titanic – Adventure Out of Time. I noticed various elements from the game throughout my stay. From the Purser on C-Deck through to the sinking music after it struck the iceberg. These definitely took me back to my role-playing days as Carlson on the Titanic.

The experience was quite interesting as everything was set to the history book. From the time the ship hit the iceberg to the loading of the lifeboats. It gave you insight into how the situation was handled over the length of time it remained afloat. At one point it seemed like they would never lower the first lifeboat.

The titanic sinks at the top of your screen

As the ship was sinking the water level was slowly rising up the screen. Unfortunately, if you stayed too long on a specific deck and the water got too high then you drowned.  I think poor Mr L’hommedieu found this out the hard way!  24 people survived the virtual sinking this time, more died and ventured towards another chat room – Heaven! Luckily, I left on the first lifeboat lowered, number 7 and reached the Carpathia a few hours after.

On board the Carpathia

Daniel has told me that there are hopes for a repeat of this next year. He also hopes to improve the adventure. For those that attended he has asked me to include an apology for the lag and to explain that it was down to the amount of testing undertaken.

So I would like to thank Daniel and the other admins on the project for the opportunity to celebrate the 98th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic in style!

Video showing the browser adventure in action.

For those who would like more information on Titanic projects in general (and you have to be able to read German) then Daniel has his website here.

And also for those who want a little memory of their experience, here’s a little nostalgia for you.

Music copyright D.Mechling (no copyright infringement intended)


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4 Responses to “98 Today & The Titanic Voyage Project”

  1. Hi!
    I’m sorry to bother you but I saw online that you are a fan of the classic video game “Titanic: Adventure Out Of Time”. I am a huge fan of the game too and would like to meet other fans. 🙂 My name is Dennis, I’m 25 years old and live in Sweden. Sadly, there aren’t many other fans of this classic game here.

    Anyway, I am currently working on a new online community/forum for fans of classic adventure games, and I have even created a special fan group dedicated to “Titanic: Adventure Out Of Time” there. I was wondering if you would be interested in helping me out with the community? Maybe we can promote each other’s websites?

    My dream is to gather all fans of this game there so we can keep in touch and keep the game’s memory alive. Kind of like a Facebook for “Titanic” gamers. I’m also planning on using the website to send out a newsletter with news about these classic games.

    Let me know if you are interested. I would really appreciate your help! You can sign up to the community right here:

    And the URL to the “Titanic” fan group is:

  2. Titanic was such an awesome game. I used to play all the Cyberflix games starting off with Lunicus! Fighting alien robots on earth, the moon, and beyond was awesome! I remember seeing the billboards of the DiCaprio Titanic and thinking how cool it could be if it was like the game. But no, it was just a love story. 😦 I made a two and a half minute short vid with the Titanic music. “The Past, forever locked in regret. But what if the past could be changed?” 🙂 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Thod_00qIk

  3. really nice site ! thanks for sharing the game

  4. :O i thought i was about the only one that’s obsessed w/ this game… nice to see others love it as well! ❤ the site and all the info!

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