Where is the Rubaiyat?

So you’ve got onto the Titanic, heard about the famous Rubaiyat book that apparently Colonel Zeitel has smuggles aboard and have no idea where it could be?  There are two solutions to this puzzle.

Let’s assume you’ve just left Penny after she’s rudely pointed at you and demanded you get into the wireless room.  You leave the Gymnasium and enter the boat deck.  You then make your way to the officer’s promenade where no passengers are allowed to venture.

1.  Go to the wireless room.  Tell Morrow that the sea appears calm.

Talk to Officer Morrow on the Boat Deck

2.  Next, comment that he seems worries about something.

3.  Either ask, “What uproar?” or “Could you elaborate?”.

4.  Ask, “You don’t like politics?”

5.  Ask, “What war was that?”

6.  Comment, “No wonder moonless nights make you jumpy.”

7.  Ask again to enter the wireless room.  He’s suddenly had a change of mind and you’re an alright fellow.

8.  Look in the right-hand stack of telegrams for one with an obvious code.

9.  Take the code back to your room and decipher it with the Enigma machine.

The second way, which in my opinion is more interesting and I suppose you could do it in addition to going to the wireless room.  It gives you a meeting with your nemesis.

1.  After exiting the gymnasium go to onto the boat deck and walk around until you hear somebody shout you over.

2.  Talk to Max and agree to go play card with him.  He then tells you ‘swing by the parisien cafe’ to see a couple guys who he believes are in ‘some racket’.

3.  Agree to go and talk to Zeitel and Willie in the cafe.

4.  Take Zeitel’s pipe that he has left on the table.  Give it to Trask for a reading.

5.  Go to the Turkish Bath and turn on the water in the sink.

Turn on tap to the left and then look at the mirror at the back of the room

6.  Go to the mirror.  As the mirror steams up, you will see a message there.


~ by taoot on March 14, 2010.

2 Responses to “Where is the Rubaiyat?”

  1. I’m really surprised! I didn’t know that there’s a alternative way to find the rubaiyat. Point 5 & 6 are completly new to me 🙂

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