Fighting Vlad: Best Techniques

There comes a time in the game where you will come face-to-face in a bare knuckle fight with Vlad.  This is inevitable if you want to obtain the notebook at the top of the smokestack.

Vlad is waiting at the bottom of the smokestack

The first few times I fought Vlad I lost but I eventually found a way to beat him, even though the technique is ‘rather below the belt’.  It works, which is all that matters in this case.

After getting all the clues that Willie has left for us it will lead us to the engine room where Vlad will be waiting for Carlson at the entrance to the fourth smokestack.

The best strategy to beat him is to kick him in the balls, then give a small punch to his face.  Not a big punch because it will leave you immobilized for a few seconds where you won’t be able to fight and Vlad will get a blow in.  Keep the routine up of kicking him in the balls, then a small punch, ball kick then punch and you’ll win in no time.  My personal best was no damage to myself at all.

kick, punch, kick, punch

Personally, it doesn’t matter if you win or lose.  It’s just, nobody likes to lose.

However, in some evil way you never win.

Vlad's revenge!


~ by taoot on March 14, 2010.

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  1. I think it is scary! It is very dangerous! But I’m frightened!

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