Cargo Manifest & Painting Puzzle

This is the solution for those who are stuck and can’t seem to view the cargo manifest.  It also then goes onto cover finding the missing cufflink a retrieving the keys from the purser’s office and then finally, the attainment of the painting itself from the cargo hold.

These are the items you will collect in this solution

1.  Go to the Purser’s Office on C-Deck.  The purser will mention the need to send a telegram for Mr Thayer.

2.  Go to the wireless room and send Mr Thayer’s telegram (the instructions on how to do so are written on a card in front of the wireless.)

3.  Go back to the purser, and when he leaves, check the cargo manifest.  A painting being shipped by Lemke & Buechner is listed as belonging to the Barbicon Galleries.

Sasha's entry into the cargo manifest

4.  Go to the cargo hold.  The seaman outside of the cargo hold will not let you in.

5.  Daisy Cashmore tells you that Bill Carter keeps the keys to his new car in the Purser’s Office (it is not mandatory you do not have to find her and do this.)

6.  The purser will not let you in to get the keys.  He tells you that Mr Strauss has lost a cufflink.  Offer to find it for him.

7.  Go to D-deck Reception and speak to Max and he tells you that the Strauss’  were at the foot of the stairs.

8.  Look closely at the chair to the left of the sofa at the foot of D-deck stairs.  You’ve found the cufflink.

The cufflink is hidden in the leftmost chair in the D-deck reception

9.  Take the cufflink to the purser.  Since he’s so up his own rear end he goes to tell Mr Strauss that he has found the missing cufflink.  When he leaves, get the keys to ever-so modern Renault that are hung up.

10.  Go to the cargo hold, the seaman will let you in without suspecting a thing.

11.  The painting is behind the second door to the right.

12.  Turn on the car headlamps by clicking on the front of the car, then on one of the lamps.

13.  The headlamps will illuminate the crate you’re looking for.  Whether the painting is present or not depends on how you have played the up until that point.

Finally, click on the crate to see its contents

Voila!  Puzzle complete!


~ by taoot on March 14, 2010.

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