Happy New Year

The Colonel and Georgia enjoy the festive season

Happy new year to all Titanic – Adventure Out of Time fans out there.  I must admit that the past few months have been non-existents as regards to updates to this web blog.  But hey, that’s what happens when computers bust and you have to recover all your old files from some place or other.  Hopefully 2010 will be a bit more eventful.  As with every new year there are resolutions so I’ve made a list of some for this blog. 

By the end of 2010 I hope to have added the following to this blog:

1.  A concise directory of puzzle solutions for the game, complete with pictures and video where possible.

2.  Improve the music quality of the soundtrack.  It’s not the best audio quality at the moment and it needs more done to it to give the music true justice.

3.  Article comparing the graphical interior shots to photos of Titanic’s actual interior.  How faithful has Cyberflix stayed to the actual design of the Titanic.

4.  Link to a playable demo.

5.  Index of in-depth character profiles.

6.  Article on missing content such as audio, pictures and characters.

Happy New Year!


~ by taoot on January 2, 2010.

6 Responses to “Happy New Year”

  1. Great to hear you’ll be back!

    This is a terrific blog for one of my favorite games. I can’t wait to see the new additions.

  2. Hello, love your site! it’s fantastic. I wish they’d make a sequel or something to this game, I love it so much. Even, like a novel or something would be cool. reminds me of being in college and staying up all night to play. My copy of the game is pretty old, do you know if it would work on a newer system, like windows xp or 7? or a MAC?

    • Hi, I recently played this game on Windows 7 using Windows NT compatibility mode. I recommend saving often as it crashes from occasionally. As for mac, I read that Leopard and Snow Leopard no longer support classic mode so you can’t play on that.

      • Hi. On XP it also crashes for me, but if you install the “DirectX Version” instead of the “Standard Version” the problem could be solved.

  3. Great to hear!

  4. Hey there, I just discovered this blog! I’m so happy its here, and that its still going ^^ *goes to look through all the goodies*

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