The Burns Photo Puzzle

You need to solve this puzzle in order to find a photograph of Zeitel talking to Sasha Barbicon.  You will only need to do this if you fail to get the Rubaiyat from boiler room 3, and Penny needs evidence connecting Sasha and Zeitel.  You’ll first need to have met the Gorse-Joneses as you are leaving the elevator, where they tell you about Burns.

What you may need to develop if you fail to get the Rubaiyet

What you may need to develop if you fail to get the Rubaiyat

You must get into Burns’ cabin.  Do this by finding his stateroom, C-78.  He will tell you he is looking for his wife, Stephanie, and that she is wearing a blue hat.  Find his wife.  She is on the Grand Staircase on C-deck  Click on Stephanie (she’s not interactive, this just confirms that you have spotted her), then return to Burns and tell him he should pay more attention to his wife.  He will leave, allowing you free time to explore his cabin.

To solve the photo puzzle, follow these steps:

1.  Turn off the cabin lights.  They are located to the right as you enter the cabin.

2.  Go straight ahead to the photo development table.

3.  Turn on the red light at the left (move the cursor and click when it changes to a hand.)

4.  There are instructions beside the red light.

5.  Click on one of the three film carriages, and drag it to tray 1.

6.  Wait 15-20 seconds .  The photo will change shades three times.

7.  Click and drag the film from tray 1 to tray 2.

8.  Wait 15-20 seconds.  The photo should change shades three times.

9.  Click on the film and you should see a close-up of the image.

10.  Click on the image again and it will appear on the drying line.

11.  Repeat steps 5-10 for each of the three photos.

12.  At any time after this, click and drag the developed photos from the drying line into your bag.


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  1. Hi, can you tell me if this game works in vista? I have ha an urge to play it again after all these years.

  2. I wanted to know if it plays on XP.

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