The Doll Puzzle

You need to solve this puzzle in order to get the real necklace out of Sasha Barbicon’s cabin.  You must first get Sasha out of the way by throwing the circuit breaker to his room lights from the panel in the passageway outside.  After he leaves, throw the breaker switch back so that you’ll have light in the room to see by.

Hardly needs step-by-step instructions with this image

Hardly needs step-by-step instructions with this image

The doll puzzle is solved as follows:

1.  Click on the doll – yes, that hideous red and yellow creation on the table.

2.  Click on the close-up of the doll to get a closer view of the rings on its front (where the numbers are.)

3.  There are four movable number rings inside an immovable outer number ring.  The key is to rotate the movable rings until all of the numbers on the inner rings add up to the numbers on the outer ring.  Rotate the rings by clicking and holding (to get the open-hand icon) and moving the cursor as needed.  To get the proper alignment, rotate the rings until the following configuration is reached, all reading from the outside ring in:

Below the number 15, at 12 o’clock: 5, 3, 2, 5

Beside the number 19, at 3 o’clock: 4, 7, 3, 5

Above the number 12, at 6 o’clock: 3, 0, 1, 8

Beside the number 4, at 9 o’clock: 0, 1, 1, 2

5.  Click OK.

6.  Click on the doll’s head three times to remove the nested dolls.

7.  Click on the body to see the real necklace inside.  Click on the necklace to put it in your case.  Click on the fake necklace (a duller gray in colour) to put it in the doll.

8.  Click on the doll heads again to replace them.  You will meet Sasha on the way out, and you must leave his room looking undisturbed.


~ by taoot on August 16, 2009.

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