In Focus: Comparing Character Voices in Different Languages

EDIT: Since WordPress altered their gallery settings it has messed up this post.   To view the sound files please right-click each picture and select ‘Open in New Tab/Window’

I’ve always thought about Titanic – Adventure Out of Time with the characters from the English speaking version.  Yet I knew there were other versions out there.  As far as I know, the game has been released in five different languages: Polish (Titanic: Odwróć Bieg Historii), French (Titanic: Une aventure hors du temps), German (Titanic: Wettlauf gegen die Zeit/Eine interactive Reise), Dutch (Titanic: Avontuur in de Tijd) and of course English (Titanic: Adventure Out of Time.)

I had started to wonder if my perception of the character would change if I heard them in another language.  I feel it does.  I have tried to demonstrate what I mean on this page.

If you click on the character photo then you should be directed to an individual page where the same audio file is presented in multiple languages.  At present I only have German, English and French versions.  In the future I hope to have more.


~ by taoot on August 16, 2009.

2 Responses to “In Focus: Comparing Character Voices in Different Languages”

  1. Foreign Language version errors

    – The French language version of the game has some errors not found in the original English version. The errors are:
    – * The shawl, when examined, shows the original English version “OBJECT: Shawl.”
    – * When the player encounters Vlad in the turbine room at the end of the game, he wants to get on a lifeboat and he knows it’s women and children first and when he’s speaking French a sentence is in English (when it is subtitled). It is spoken and subtitled in the German version.

    – Some of the scenes that show a character speaking, smiling or laughing are cut, shortened or do not exist in the French or German versions.

    – For example, when Officer Morrow is laughing, his laugh is shortened in the French version but it is deleted in the German version.

    – When Layland Trask meets the player in the lounge, when the ship is sinking, and says “Need a psychic reading? (Chuckles quickly and smiles) I’ll hurry.” His chuckle and smiling is deleted from the French and German versions and it is more serious.

    – When Charles Lambeth is seen on the boat deck and says “Sorry”, there is a scene of him drinking that is in the French version but deleted from the German and English versions.

    – The tour guides that originally came with the game, all speak French and German all the way through. The tour guides that you download from the website do speak French and German, but, when the movies start playing info about the history and the ship, they speak English

    I do have the original french version,if the owner would like to have it.

  2. ehhh…. The German was perfect in the translations. Don’t get me wrong, but the voices and emotions on some of the charactors in the German version (especially Zeitel and Trask) didn’t fit as well as they did for the English version

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