New TAOOT Half-Life 2 Mod in Construction

Thanks again to Daniel who provided me with the link to this news story.  We all know that there are endless projects out there where people try and re-create Titanic, either as a game or as a model.  I’ve reported some myself on this very blog.  I know Daniel’s website offers quite a comprehensive list if you are able to understand German.  This new project however comes in the form of a mod for thescience-fiction shooting game ‘Half Life 2’.

For those wanting more information on exactly what ‘Half Life 2’ its Wikipedia entry can be found here.  Since the release of the SDK (software development kit) there have been a lot of third party mods developed by those in the ‘Half Life 2’ community for those who want to experience extra levels and new challenges.

Image of the mod (copyright ALEXTITANIC/ALITITANIC)

Image of the mod (copyright ALEXTITANIC/ALITITANIC)

My personal opinion?  I think it’s more of an achievable goal to produce a mod as it’s not a standalone piece of software they are creating.  You can see from the screenshot above that it’s not going to be a 100% match to our beloved 1996 game but a lot of effort is going into it.  The author claims that he is going remaking the “whole game”, yet the genre for Half Life 2 is shooting, so unless you shoot half the cast after they’ve played their part I feel there might be some problems there and the storyline to the mod might have to change slightly.  Personally I’ve never played ‘Half Life 2’ so maybe I’m wrong here.

Talking point: do you think a ‘Half Life 2’ mod of TAOOT is a good idea?

While you’re thinking about it why not visit the creators website.


~ by taoot on July 18, 2009.

One Response to “New TAOOT Half-Life 2 Mod in Construction”

  1. This is the creator of the mod here, ALEXTITANIC. I want to say to you guys thank you so much for posting my mod on your website. To answer your question on the guns your player will not have any. The mod at this time is going kind of slow but i am working on it, most of the upper decks are done and it looks prity good. Again thank you for taking about my mod and i will update the web page very soon.

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