Take Part…

I’m not sure this will take off or if there are that many fans out there that will either view this website or are interested.  The idea is to create a page with various material from fans.  This can either be pictures, wallpapers, work inspired by the game or fake stories (fan fiction.)

If you want your work shown then comment below.  If it is a picture then please find a host for it.  The two main image hosts I can think of are photobucket and flickr.  After hosting it, please place the hyperlink in the comment box on this page or the Take Part page.  Please find external file hosts for fan fiction.

To show you what I mean I’ve created a few meagre attempts.  I’m sure you’re all much better than me.


The Surrender

A gif image using the surrender page from the scrapbook from one of the bad endings to the game.


Wanted: Third Officer Morrow

A vicious looking image of Third Officer Morrow after he kills Andrew Conkling on the boat deck. 

Zeitel01 FotoFlexer_Photo

Zeitel's hip new look

A fresh cool look for Zeitel and a convenient cut and paste job to the Turkish bath.  Not to mention that saucy lipstick mark on his jacket.

Hairspray Penny

Hairspray Penny

Penny’s new lifestyles poses a new hairstyle. 

Willi Von Haderlitz, remembered dearly by the Russians

Willi is still remembered dearly by the Russians

Willi Von Haderlitz, who was at one with our Russian allies, sacrificed himself for a peaceful world that in reality never really happened.

A jazzed up collage of the enemy

A jazzed up collage of the enemy

Respect your nemesis, stick them in a collage.


~ by taoot on June 5, 2009.

6 Responses to “Take Part…”

  1. hey there! I have been a fan of this game since it came out and i want to congratulate you on the success of this website! its great to know there are fans out there who love it as much as i do! Great Job!! :))
    I really do hope they remake it! I think it would be very successful!!

  2. I just found my copy of this game and the memories game flooding back, and I was impressed to find your site dedicated to it! Perhaps I will try my hand at some fan art and then send a link. It’s been years since I’ve played the game, and sadly, I cannot get it to work on my new computer (perhaps the old clunker I have will still run it). I just wanted to say thank-you for all the information on this site. This game holds a special place for me.

  3. That’s HILARIOUS

  4. Dear Franklin,

    I can’t get this game to work either, because I’ve also got a new computer.


  5. Hey! I’ve been working on a screenplay for a movie based off the game and I was wondering if I could email you a copy and ask for your feedback! Please let me know!

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