In Focus: Another Way to Die

If you’re playing the game and don’t save often then you may want to stray away from these scenarios. In the game there are five different ways to die.

1. Shot by Vlad.

I have been looking for this!

I have been looking for this!

This is probably the most popular reason for dying. Its funny how you would make less noise putting the Rubaiyat in your case than by opening up the control panel to another coal chute and leaving it there and yet Vlad notices you have it if you try and take it away there and then. It’s lucky that this occurs early on in the game and teaches people to save often.

2. Shot by Sasha.
After Georgia has given you her necklace to look after and you find Charles in the smoking room, rather tipsy from the drinking he tells you that the necklace is a fake. The authentic necklace is in Sasha’s cabin locked in that rather annoying combination safe masked as a Russian doll. Unlike the sly Riviera, Sasha is no expert on spotting a fake but is one for noticing his jewels are missing. If you don’t exchange the fake for the real one and try and exit via the cabin door he’ll shoot you when he catches you in there.

Alternatively, you can obtain both necklaces by using the map to jump straight out of the cabin and avoid any confrontation with him at all.

3. Shot by Zeitel.

I never take 'no' for an answer

I never take 'no' for an answer

It’s the next day, you’ve already hit the iceberg, you’ve changed your discs and you’re no longer permitted to jump using the map function (which I really find bothersome.) You also have the painting and decide to visit Zeitel in the first class lounge where most of the passengers are waiting. The sly dog still wants the painting, although his percentage of staying alive is pretty slim without your help. He’s only gone and poisoned Georgia. At first he gives you a choice as to whether to help him or not and if you say no he’s not really bothered. He wants to trade you the antidote for Lady Georgia for the painting. What makes him kill you is when you agree at first to help and then refuse to hand over the painting. He doesn’t take no for an answer!

4. Go down with the ship.
What more can I say, do bugger all, talk to people, and waste your time talking to the swindler Trout or the society wench Cashmore and you’ll find that you’ve missed the last boat at 2:00am. You’re no use to anybody now!

5.  Fail to defuse Zeitel’s bomb
Not only do you die but you manage to blow away half the side of the ship as well.  At least you get as many goes to do this as possible.

Final thoughts: What’s weird about the first three killings is that they are all committed with no foresight into whether they’d be caught. Vlad shoots you in front of a load of witnesses (i.e. the stokers); Zeitel shoots you in either the first class lounge or the boat deck. He may get away with it on the boat deck, especially after Andrew Conkling’s demise on deck but surely not in such a sophisticated place as the first class lounge.

As for Sasha, after listening to the audio segment it’s interesting to learn that Sasha just shuts the door of his cabin and leaves your dead body there expecting not to found out. It’s an early night for him and a nice comfort that the steward he called for will be on his way up soon to fix those dodgy lights.

People may comment that there are a few other ways to die.  For example when Officer Morrow threatens to shoot you.  A seaman on the boat deck also threatens this.  That is all they do, threaten.


~ by taoot on May 18, 2009.

8 Responses to “In Focus: Another Way to Die”

  1. Zeitel will also shoot you on the smokestack if you give him the notebook, rather than just gassing him. I thought then I could get the notebook from him when the ship is sinking and wouldn’t have to bother with vlad at all. I kind of liked the idea of vlad not getting away, after hitting me with that big wrench and all.

  2. Yep even though Zeitel shoots you point blank, “tis a poor shoot” asserts Penny. LOL

    Zeitel shooting you dead in the first-class lounge shouldn’t be surprising given that a Mr. Cal Hockley was reported shooting at his fiancee Rose and another man in the grand staircase… 😀 😛

  3. there’s a video on youtube showing that you can be shot by the purser 😛

  4. If anyone wants to see the four ways to die in a video, there is one on youtube that was uploaded by ryjo911. The video is called Titanic: Adventure Out Of Time Walkthrough (11/13). Type it in the search box just as I worded it in this comment.

  5. Never understood why Sasha would shot you right there in front of his cabin like it. As if the master at arms would haft to think real hard to who did that?!

  6. At least when I play the game, I’ve set off the bomb and did not try again, but still didn’t die. Go figure!

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