In Focus: Trout’s Confession

Troutt's confession is far from hilarious!

Trout's confession is far from hilarious!

Yes, the dear old Reverend appears to us as a hard done by civilian whose done nothing more than to devote his life and work to God.  Trout’s character makes him appear as an old ‘fuddy-duddy’ who likes social order kept in a neat and proper fashion.  Also, according to what else I’ve heard on the net, he’s been referred to the worse dressed paedophile in history.  Make what you like out of the last comment.

Yet as the time slips by and the final lifeboat leaves the Boat Deck at 2:00 am, April 15, his fate is sealed and feels the need to confess his sins.

Although it never said anywhere in the job description of being a spy that you were expected to take on a role of a Priest and listen to the oldie go on about how he siphoned off funds from his mission in Nyasaland and has used the money travel on the Titanic itself.  After his confession he feels compelled to laugh hysterically in accordance with those old movie villains from the past which totally freaks the player out.  I suppose with the realisation of the irony here it was the best response they could animate the old devil with.

This means that the dirty rascal was probably going to steal the money he requested from Carlson earlier in the game.  The rotten swine!

For those of you who missed it in the game here is the audio:


~ by taoot on May 11, 2009.

3 Responses to “In Focus: Trout’s Confession”

  1. I remember seeing this for the first time recently. His manic laugh and his face when he does it is pretty frightening. I didn’t even know he did this until I read it online a few months back. Pretty powerful moment I have to say

  2. I always thought it was more of his opinion that God was a “scam” and that dead was simply dead. Therefore the manaic laugh.

  3. I have had this mans voice stuck in my head since childhood..

    “MY NAME IS TROUT REVERAND EDGAR TROUT AND IM RETURNING FROM A MISSION IN NYASSALAND.. where we.. I mean.. I lived, my wife emily, she died..”

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