Ok, so my last news update was highlighting a petition to recreate Titanic – Adventure Out of Time and this news is somewhat related. Although not on the same premise, there is a project out there which I’d like to share with you all by a young German gentlemen called Daeniel Mechling who has been working for years on a project called titanic-story.com.

You play free online and are a passenger on the doomed liner. Here are some of the hopeful features when finished:

– Interact with 20 programmed characters, and learn about the real Titanic.
– See almost every room in 3D-computer animation
– Use lifts, play squash, go swimming and much more
– Join the last dinner on 14.04.1912
– See the collision and the sinking
– Try to get into a boat and survive
– Many computer-animated videos take you closer to Titanic then ever before
– Interact with other passengers like yourselves, directly onboard – like a chatroom

The project was meant to be released on April 14th 2007, but seems to have had some setback according to the author’s website and his response on the encyclopedia titanica forum website in late 2008 tells us all that he is still working on the project.

Some however believe the project to be dead, with one youtube user adding “I do not think ‘Titanic Story’ will see the light of day… it has sunk just as its namesake did!” Hopefully Daniel will be as good as his word and finish the project.

The website is here and you can sign up for the information newsletter on the ‘Informations’ page.

I have embedded the trailer below from youtube.

Here is also a screenshot of the Cafe Parisien (copyright Daeniel Mechling):
Café Parisien


~ by taoot on April 18, 2009.

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